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Big Bad Marine

Texas Bounty 5

24th July 2019

She’s been a very bad girl…and it’s going to take a big, bad marine to take her in hand. 

Rose Hammond has had a crush on older, harder West O’Connor ever since he was put in charge of protecting her when she was a bratty teenager. Now she’s an adult, she’s still bratty and tormenting him is her favorite pastime.  However, she’ll have to be good if she ever has a hope of fulfilling her dream of being a bounty hunter like her older sister, so when she’s assigned on a mission with West, she’s determined to be on her best behavior. It’s either that or she’ll be sent back home.

West is on a mission of revenge, and he has no intention of touching his boss’s little sister. But Rose can’t help herself, and the more she  pushes, the more tempted he is to give her the punishment she’s asking for — one they’ll both enjoy. When he gives in, it’s explosive, and keeping things temporary begins to feel impossible. 

But can West hang onto his anger, and to Rose all at once? Or will he have to let one go?