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Okay so no, haven’t had any news since that email from the ed last week. And am feeling frustrated today. The progress of this story feels somewhat akin to Chinese Water Torture and I’m wondering whether in April, when they told me the story needed to be rewritten, I should have just accepted the story wasn’t right and subbed something fresh. But no, I had to go and prove that I could rewrite if they wanted me to. Just to show them I could. And what did I do? I wrote a good first chapter – yeah, they liked it – but somehow, in chapters 2 and 3 I broke it. I really, really thought that whatever failings there might be with the partial, at least it would warrant a request for the rest of it. But not even that is forthcoming.

Eight months on since I first subbed the synopsis to this story and I really wish I hadn’t bothered rewriting it. But because I did, I’ve just prolonged the agony by another four months. The VoD is, of course, telling me it’s an R. The VoD is telling me I can’t rewrite, and not only can I not write a story they’ll want to buy, I’ll NEVER write a story they’ll want to buy.

Honestly, today is a ‘why on earth am I bothering with this sh*t?’ kind of day.

Anyway, why the Angry Birds? Okay, well, this morning as I checked the email on the iPad and realised that there was no email from the ed (again), in my frustration and in a desperate bid to NTAI, I started up a little app called Angry Birds. It’s a game where you have to fire a little bird from a catapult at an edifice that protects a little pig. Your aim is to crumble the edifice and pop the pig. It’s horribly addictive and quite ridiculous. Sometimes the edifices are complicated and it takes forever to pop all the pigs and complete the level. Very frustrating. You see where I’m going with this? Yes, this stupid publishing journey of mine is a lot like playing Angry Birds. No matter how complicated the edifice you have to collapse, no matter if you’ve popped all the pigs but one, no matter how close you are, you still fail the level. And so you have to try again if you want to complete the game.

So here I am, still trying to complete the game. And I’m going to pop all those pigs if it’s the last thing I do.

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  1. You have to pop the figurative pig of publication. And you will, Jackie. I am absolutely one hundred percent confident in you. Because I’ve read your work. I know you’re brilliant. I read romance, a lot of romance. I know I would buy your books. So there.

    Being frustrated? That’s fair, I’m right there with you on your behalf. But don’t doubt Cat and Sean. They have a brilliant story as far as I’m concerned. No matter what happens, that’s the truth of it.

    (btw, word is ‘dedgingr’ makes me worry for your safety)

  2. Yay, I’ve got one sale then at least! πŸ™‚ If I ever get anything accepted that is. Thanks m’dear. Your support is so appreciated.
    Argh, can’t have a dead ginger eh? Luckily I’m not a real ginger.

  3. On the theme of birds, you might want to try “Bird by Bird” which is one of the first writing books I ever read. Absolutely brilliant, not sure if available on our side of world as it came from a writers week I spent in Iowa. The front cover says that it is a book with some instructions on writing and life. It might help you with the journey.

  4. Slowly. I think the best way to describe is it is happening ‘bird by bird.’ I have just finished off entry for High Five, then am going to concentrate on ‘New Voices’ comp. I thought I had my High Five entry in the bag until Melanie Milburne stripped it down. Painful, but awesome to have a pair of eyes as trained and as perceptive as hers. I have no submitted manuscripts out there at the moment, so none of the angst for me. Hope you hear soon.

  5. I’d buy your books too. So there :P.

    It’s Maisey’s fault, she’s a bad influence. I should stop reading the comments.

    I love that you’ve resorted to strangely violent sounding games.

    I’m waiting to hear back on my fast track so we can hold hands and skip if you like? πŸ˜›

  6. Awww Jackie – super hugs from me. Gosh I hadn’t realised how long you have been waiting! But on the +ve side when you get accepted – and you will – you’ll have loads of books to send to them. So go pop some more pigs and keep on writing. Caroline xx p.s my word verification is “cythotc” which kinda’ sums things up I think!

  7. Hope they get back with good news, soon, Jackie. In the meantime, try tetris… fitting in the peices to make a perfect manuscript.. oops I mean rectangle might be more calming?

  8. Hang on there Jax πŸ˜‰ I left angry birds at the 14th level or something..when my DH took over and completed the rest for me. πŸ˜‰

    My small sister and twin nephews have completed all the levels..simply because they jump to the next level when one doesn’t work out (courtesy of my earlier completion, all levels are open)..and then come back to play the one they missed..

    Do you think it teaches something? Like maybe if one thing isn’t working..move on and come back later to fix this with fresh eyes?? I have no idea..but I am all for trying something like that..

    Hope you get some great news from the ed !!! I am feeling as if I am waiting forever with you (to the extent that I might cry)… (though, in reality, my responses are super-fast even when I wish for delays)

  9. Jackie it’s just one of those sh**** days. I know you were congratulating Soraya on her sale too on eharlequin, and that’s fab news, but it always makes you ask the question “Will it ever be me?” I was also amazed at the length of time everything takes, can’t remember if it was 8 or 10 months they had the manuscript before she got her sale call. You wonder what processes it has to go through to get to that final point.

    So what do you want? Cyber champagne? Cyber chocolate? Cyber hugs? Cyber cocktails? Cyber martini? Go on, have them all! Tomorrow is another day so go and find a brilliant book to read and watch some mind-numbing TV, preferably with some eye candy!

  10. Felicity – that sounds great. Yeah, hard having something critiqued like that but ultimately it’s worth it. At least, that’s what I keep telling myself.

    Lacey – Well, if any of them ever get published, you can! πŸ™‚ I didn’t know you were fast-tracking! Yay for you! Let me know how you get on!

    Caroline – yep, this one is a never ending saga. I’m working my way through my backlog though – only got one full I’d want to sub if this one is rejected.

    Sally – Tetris sounds good. Though popping pigs is somehow more cathartic. πŸ˜‰

    Ju – maybe I should have someone else completing this for me. Good plan! Seriously, I do move on if something isn’t working and then come back to it. I just wish I could move on from this one.

    Susan – yep, exactly, those are just the thoughts that go through your head. We’re only human after all. Soraya is a lovely person and deserves every bit of her success. I hope one day I’ll get there but the longer these things take, the more your confidence gets sapped. Especially when it feels like I’m trapped in a time warp with this bloody story.
    I’ll take all those cyber-whatsits. But I’d prefer a full request. πŸ™‚

  11. Amy – word is that they don’t. They DID however like the idea I presented them with for this story. But apparently not well enough to even ask for the rest of it. Think I’ll stop there.

  12. Yeah, and THAT’s why I don’t play any of those games! The ways of editors are sometimes secretive, always mysterious and often unfathomable. It’s out of our control. All we can do it keep pulling back on that slingshot. Hang in there!

  13. Chiming in late again – it’s been a busy weekend – but that ANGRY BIRDS sounds like just the medicine the doctor ordered! I really hope it’s helped vent some of your frustration. But I’m with Maisey – don’t doubt your writing. Cat and Sean are a fab couple and their story is AWESOME… maybe it’s not as bad as you’re thinking, maybe it’s something like my old one – it’s not exactly right for the line. Or maybe not that but maybe something not structural or character-y… maybe just something out of your hands.

    Please don’t stress until you hear – easier said than done I know. But when you do hear, you know you have so many people here for you to offer whatever you need!!!

    Love ya Jac!

  14. Rach – awww you’re just such a sweetie. Thanks m’dear! Yeah, trying not to stress. But wretched PMT does not help. Grrr.

    Suzanne – thanks heaps! The VoD is particularly loud today. Hopefully I won’t be too old and decrepit by the time any of them actually see print.

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