Ask Dr Jax – Questions Please

All right, the people have spoken!

Bring your tricky conflict questions to Dr Jax! He’s a qualified psychiatrist and can give real life advice on any thorny behavioural issues. Would your characters really act the way they do? Or would they do things differently? How do people generally respond to tragedies in their lives? Etc etc.

You can either ask your question as a comment or, if you don’t want to post it, feel free to use the contact page (there’s a form) just below my blog header and email me. If you’re not comfortable with specifics, then just be as general as you like. But don’t do the ‘my friend is writing this story…’ cos that’s a dead giveaway. 😉

Disclaimer: Dr Jax is a psychiatrist, not a writer or an editor. He gives real life advice on how real people behave, not fictional characters. However should your book go on to be published subsequent to his advice, feel free to pass on any royalties (or chocolate). 😉

9 thoughts on “Ask Dr Jax – Questions Please”

  1. I have a question for the Good Doctor. Dr. Jax, do you think we’re aware of the events in our past which have shaped us? Or is it more common to simply assume you’re all right, and that you’re more or less ‘normal’?

  2. Maisey – the good doctor thanks you for your question! He’ll get right on it.

    Nas – I’m not sure Dr Jax agrees with past lives (he’s a scientist) but I might ask him that too!

  3. Ha! Not past lives, in their past. Although, wouldn’t it be fun to write a character who believed in them…

  4. *boy,this couch is comfy!*

    So, I have a question. An overriding theme present in every one of my books is self-esteem (and I wonder what that says about me!?!). And all of my characters seem to define themselves through their work (or lost job, in some cases). I wonder how big of a role work plays in other people’s lives. Is it common for people’s self-esteem to be wrapped up in their job?

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