Back to Work

Am now back from a week and a half of lazing around doing nothing at the beach. Fantastic to have some time off but am now distinctly unmotivated. Have no resolutions to speak of and am heartily sick of the manuscript I have to post to Anna at M&B. Read the hard copy while I was away and have come to terms with the idea that it is now TOO LATE to do any rewriting. Sigh. It’s due on the 15th so only enough time to correct spelling mistakes and then concentrate on my least favourite task: the synopsis.

Oh well. I did in the end give it to a romance reading relative while away. She liked it – at least she told me that she didn’t even get up to get a sandwich because she was right in the middle of it, even though she was really hungry! Oh, and she liked the sex scenes too. Which is good to know. No one wants to know they write a bad love scene…

Anyway, does anyone else give their stories to friends/relatives to read? My mother is hassling me to give it to her but I’m not sure about her reading it. Especially the naughty bits!

2 thoughts on “Back to Work”

  1. I did once give an early effort to my sister to read and she said she liked it (but then she would, wouldn’t she?!)

    But the idea of my dad reading it… Doesn’t bear thinking about!!

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