Being Obssessive Compulsive

It’s true, I am absolutely obssessive compulsive about my writing. I was told off yesterday by the husband for spending the weekend in front of my computer. I’m trying to make this a full time job you see so the plan was to limit writing to during the week, just like any other job. However, unfortunately the way I work doesn’t quite fit in with the 9 – 5 model. When I have a new idea or get really into a current one I HAVE to write. I simply don’t want to do anything else. If I’m forced to do something, my head will just not be on anything other than the story I’m thinking about.
No wonder my the husband was annoyed with me. Since trying to write full time, he’s probably wondering where on earth his wife went!

Anyone else write like this? Or is it just me??

4 thoughts on “Being Obssessive Compulsive”

  1. I understand totally where you’re coming from – writing is a compulsion and it’s hard for non-writers to understand that.

  2. And if it’s not actual writing, it’s researching for the book or some kind of promotion something. Then there’s the obsessive checking of emails if something is out there. My husband thinks my computer is permanently attached to my lap 🙂

  3. I’m exactly the same and I feel so much GUILT about not spending time with hubby/family. With little kids the only time I really get to write is at night and that’s also the only time I really get with my hubby! Hmm… dilemmas, dilemmas!

  4. Oh yay, I’m not alone then! Compulsion is definitely something you can’t explain to non-writers. Or anyone that hasn’t felt the creative urge.

    Yes, Stephanie, I’m also compulsively checking email and looking at websites. Mainly to connect with other writers since writing is such an isolating job. It’s been SO great meeting all you wonderful people.

    Yeah, I hear you Rach. Guilt is a killer. I figure that if I don’t write, I’m a grumpy horrible Mum. So me writing is a way of keeping my family happy. Does that sound weird??

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