Blogs: Are They Dead?

Okay so I’m bad. I haven’t done a post for a while but that’s because all my social media falls off my list of things to do when I have writing that needs doing. So really, I’m not bad. I’m good. 🙂 For those interested, I’m now working on edits for the next in my series for Entangled and will hopefully get that away in the next couple weeks.

But that’s not what I wanted to talk about. What I wanted to talk about was blogs.

Now, I love blogging. And I’ve been doing so for the past four years, sharing my whines and my angsts and the roller-coaster that is pre-publication with all of you kind enough to read this blog. But in these days of Twitter and Facebook and Pinterest and stuff, are blogs still relevant? I’m only wondering because apparently my blog should be on my website, which got me thinking about moving it. And that got me thinking about blogs in general and whether they’re still of any interest to people.

My blog has always been geared towards writing and other writers but when my first book comes out, I’d like to think that maybe the ten or so people who buy my book who don’t know me, might come along and have a look at the blog. And perhaps what they see won’t interest them because, if they’re not writers, why would they be interested in reading about the writing process? About craft and whatnot? Which means I probably should do posts about other stuff. *cue panic*

So what I want to know is this – is it worth it? Will people still want to read blog posts when everything is on Twitter or Facebook? 

I happened to be sitting with Randy Ingermanson, the snowflake guy, at the RWNZ conference during lunch one day (namedrop, namedrop), and I asked him what he thought about blogs since he’d just done a great presentation about online marketing. He thought blogs were better than Twitter, mainly because a blog post stays here online forever, whereas a tweet is gone in an instant. Blog posts do your marketing for you in other words. But this only works if you enjoy blogging and if you’re good at it.

So anyway, I’m still thinking about this. I probably should move my blog off Blogger and put it onto my website whatever I decide, but I don’t want to go through all the hassle if blogs are indeed dead.

What does anyone else think? Do you still look at blogs? Or do you prefer other media?