Bring on the Torture

I love writing the black moment. Love, love, love it. My love of angsty drama has been my downfall in many an ms where I try to get to the emotional bits too soon and skip over huge layers of conflict, thus making my characters too self aware. These days I am pacing myself and making sure I try and actually have some outer layers for my characters rather than having them be walking, talking exposed nerves. But for me, figuring out just what those outer layers are is quite difficult and can bog me down.

I’m actually at that point now with the Frenchman. I’m in the middle of a dinner scene that was stressing me out because I could not think about where I was going with it. What was the point of it? How was the relationship going to change? etc, etc. So I thought the best way to figure that out was to actually write ahead. I used to NOT do this because I used to save up my favourite scenes to write as an incentive to keep going but I do find that if I let myself get bogged down when writing a first draft, I’ll never finish it. So I decided to write ahead to the black moment.