When Your Characters Scare the Pants Off You

Screamy is scared I really love my sheikh but honestly, in the process of rewriting Mr Sheikhypants, he and the wretched heroine decided to go to a place I was NOT comfortable with. And no, it wasn’t Huntly (though they do go into the desert, which is also not comfortable). It skated close to a … Continue reading “When Your Characters Scare the Pants Off You”

Marriages of Convenience – Hot or Not?

I’ve kind of been slack at blogging lately. And slack at Twitter. About the only social media thing I haven’t been slack at is Pinterest. Sigh. I’ve never been one for collages for my mss but there’s something about Pinterest that’s just so…Hmmmm….. Anyway, my excuse for this slackness is due to finishing Mr Sheikhypants. … Continue reading “Marriages of Convenience – Hot or Not?”

That Ole Emotional Connection Type Thing Again

When I was a baby author, I really liked my characters to fight ALL THE TIME. Why? Because I liked the angst and conflict and the torment and the anguish. It was awesome, plus I got to write hot, angsty love scenes which is always a bonus. Unfortunately there was also a problem with this … Continue reading “That Ole Emotional Connection Type Thing Again”

I Am Not a Number – Or Collection of Character Traits!

Another slow news day in Jackie land. To NTAI, I’m concentrating on thinking about the iPad which is finally being released in NZ on Friday. And yes, I’m going to get one. I’m such a gadget girl, I can’t help myself. iPad wins over shoes any day in my book. Anyway, on the writing front, … Continue reading “I Am Not a Number – Or Collection of Character Traits!”