Missing Something Vital – The Romance!

I’ve been doing major edits on the wip and after a while I got to thinking that I was missing something. And you know what it was? I forgot the romance. So tied up with making sure there’s conflict and tension and whatnot, that I forgot I was writing a romance and these two people … Continue reading “Missing Something Vital – The Romance!”

The Dance of the Seven Veils

Aren’t you guys fabulous? I got some great comments about the whole digging deep deal last post – really set off lots of lightbulbs for me, especially with the WIP I’m going to be subbing next. So big cheers and thanks to you all for commenting! Anyway, that digging deep post really set me thinking … Continue reading “The Dance of the Seven Veils”

More About the Non-Sassiness of My Heroine

Have had a little writing hiatus over the past week or two. Actually, when I say writing hiatus I actually mean writing sulk. I went on strike in other words. Not that anyone except me was affected and certainly no one noticed. So yeah, my strike was very effective. Not. Still, it did do me … Continue reading “More About the Non-Sassiness of My Heroine”

Dr Jax Stages An Intervention

There I was, throwing myself dramatically on the floor, crying that I couldn’t do it, sounding remarkably like my four year old daughter, when Dr Jax at last arrived home from work. Honestly, I don’t think he knew what to make of it. No, that’s a lie, he knew exactly. I am the biggest drama … Continue reading “Dr Jax Stages An Intervention”

Presents Competition – Congrats!

Hey, big huge congrats to the winners of the Presents Writing Competion! To get so far out of so many entries is a huge acheivement. Chocolate martinis and champagne cocktails all round.Especially to fellow aspirant MH author and MH winner, Gill (AKA Jilly). I’ve only just met you but your talent is truly inspiring. Can’t … Continue reading “Presents Competition – Congrats!”

Husbands Are Useful or What Would Luke Do?

I knew there was a reason for husbands. I mean apart from changing fuses, cleaning drains, getting rid of spiders and entertaining children. Yes, mine has yet again proven his worth when it comes to sorting out my complicated plot dilemma. I was telling him about my great new idea that involved a pretend relationship … Continue reading “Husbands Are Useful or What Would Luke Do?”

Plots – Are Your Characters Driving or Are You?

Plots are the work of the devil. Yes, I’m sorry, but they are. They join internal conflict in their very own special circle of hell. At least, in my own personal writing hell. Why is this you say? Well, because in Modern Heat land (and no doubt in Modern/Presents land too), the plot needs to … Continue reading “Plots – Are Your Characters Driving or Are You?”