The Next Big Thing – And a Christmas Giveaway

Well, I’ve been tagged to do a Next Big Thing post by three fabulous people. First up is my awesome friend and CP  Maisey Yates! Check out her post about her amazing new cowboy story – it’s….OMG, I can’t even…. Second and third are two wonderful fellow Entangled authors and Kiwis, Michelle deWinton and Bronwen … Continue reading “The Next Big Thing – And a Christmas Giveaway”

Post-Book Hangover – The Reality of Having a Deadline

Have finished my Dirty Virgin Hero for Samhain – yay! Honestly, I loved the guy but he was one hell of a complicated hero to write. He had ISSUES man. Serious issues. And it was one of those stories where I had to stop and think through every one of his reactions and responses because … Continue reading “Post-Book Hangover – The Reality of Having a Deadline”

Wot I have Been Doing

Chocolate! From the Armani shop! Armani chocolate! Haven’t been blogging much these past couple of months. Mainly because I’ve been up to my neck in conferences, rewrites, submissions, edits, Dr Jax going to Milan and me being a solo mum, and deadlines. It’s been a thing. Anyway, I thought I’d give you an update on … Continue reading “Wot I have Been Doing”