When Your Characters Scare the Pants Off You

Screamy is scared I really love my sheikh but honestly, in the process of rewriting Mr Sheikhypants, he and the wretched heroine decided to go to a place I was NOT comfortable with. And no, it wasn’t Huntly (though they do go into the desert, which is also not comfortable). It skated close to a … Continue reading “When Your Characters Scare the Pants Off You”

The Dog Ate My Blog Post

Because school holidays have ruined my career as a wanna-be romance novelist, not to mention keeping this blog up to date, I’m taking the easy way out post-wise and directing your attention to the Sisters’ site where I have a post about emotion up there. It’s one I was going to do for here but … Continue reading “The Dog Ate My Blog Post”

That Ole Emotional Connection Type Thing Again

When I was a baby author, I really liked my characters to fight ALL THE TIME. Why? Because I liked the angst and conflict and the torment and the anguish. It was awesome, plus I got to write hot, angsty love scenes which is always a bonus. Unfortunately there was also a problem with this … Continue reading “That Ole Emotional Connection Type Thing Again”

Putting the E Back Into S*x

Okay, so, I’ve got over my rejection. Actually I’m well over it. Much more so than the previous one. Odd considering how much time and effort I put into this story. And maybe that’s part of it. I’ve learned SO much just in the writing of it that I didn’t feel any of that effort … Continue reading “Putting the E Back Into S*x”

Missing Something Vital – The Romance!

I’ve been doing major edits on the wip and after a while I got to thinking that I was missing something. And you know what it was? I forgot the romance. So tied up with making sure there’s conflict and tension and whatnot, that I forgot I was writing a romance and these two people … Continue reading “Missing Something Vital – The Romance!”

Digging Deep – What the $@&! Does That Mean??

It is a question that has mystified the ages – what on earth do they mean by digging deep? Well, giving you a giant hint here: it’s got nothing whatsoever to do with mining. Or drain laying. 🙂Now, in my journeying through the murky, disgusting swamp they call conflict, I received some valuable advice from … Continue reading “Digging Deep – What the $@&! Does That Mean??”

Putting the E Back Into Sex

The E is the emotion I’m talking about, not some…um…other E. Ahem, moving right along, MH is a very sexy line. Lots of opportunities for action. And personally I really like writing a good love scene. I tend to put a lot of sensuality in mine to really build it up. I’ve been told by … Continue reading “Putting the E Back Into Sex”