First Ever Release Day!!!

So this is where all the hard work finally pays off.  The culmination of all the years of tears and angst and wailings and gnashings of teeth and beatings of breast, and sackcloth and ashes, and OTT drama queeness. Of perseverance and stubborn-bitchness, and ‘this is not the end, dammit!’ The moment when all the … Continue reading “First Ever Release Day!!!”

Valentine’s Day – Plus Another Finn Excerpt

To celebrate Valentine’s Day I’d thought I’d do some candy hearts for Finn and Anna from Falling For Finn.         Oh and another excerpt… A fine appreciation for single malt was something they’d discovered a couple of years ago after Finn had done a Wild Life show on Skye, in Scotland. In … Continue reading “Valentine’s Day – Plus Another Finn Excerpt”

A Maisey Yates Stick Figure Masterpiece

So am finally back from holiday and after a week with limited net, what should happen as soon as we get home? Our net goes down! Cue frustration and irritation and annoyance. Especially when I am dying to share a special thang… My crit partner, the very wonderful and talented Maisey Yates, is not only … Continue reading “A Maisey Yates Stick Figure Masterpiece”

Winners of the Giveaway!

And the winners are…. Well, since y’all are awesome, I’ve decided that everyone who commented on my last post is a winner! So if you commented on my last post and you haven’t pre-ordered (or you have pre-ordered but want to read it sooner!), use the contact form to drop me a line or send … Continue reading “Winners of the Giveaway!”

New Website, New Blog, New Book

Hey guys, sorry to make y’all move over here but…well, I thought it was time I had everything in the one place. I hope you’ll continue to come visit me here like you continued to visit my old blog. I’m going to keep that one where it is so if you forget the link… 😉 … Continue reading “New Website, New Blog, New Book”

The Next Big Thing – And a Christmas Giveaway

Well, I’ve been tagged to do a Next Big Thing post by three fabulous people. First up is my awesome friend and CP  Maisey Yates! Check out her post about her amazing new cowboy story – it’s….OMG, I can’t even…. Second and third are two wonderful fellow Entangled authors and Kiwis, Michelle deWinton and Bronwen … Continue reading “The Next Big Thing – And a Christmas Giveaway”