Fear – If You Can’t Handle It Then Writing Isn’t the Job for You

Here’s a few things I’ve learned about fear after I sold: It never goes away – I used to think that once I sold my first book, I’d never feel afraid of sending my writing out again. Wrong. Somehow the thought that the editor loved the last book makes sending in the next book harder. … Continue reading “Fear – If You Can’t Handle It Then Writing Isn’t the Job for You”

When You’re Afraid of Your Own Story

Alrighty, I have now finished the partial requested by Mills and Boon, and also the full I need to send to to Carina. All I need to do is a final polish on both and then a synopses each. Easy. Well, okay apart from actually writing the synopses. And the HUGE subbing fear that is … Continue reading “When You’re Afraid of Your Own Story”

Kicking Fear’s Butt

So I’ve been contemplating this mountain thingy here and while I have, I’ve been thinking about my writing and all those bloody rejections. Especially the last two. I found it very interesting that in the ed’s opinion, the Hammer Pants ms, the one I’d written 18 months ago, was stronger than the one I’d written … Continue reading “Kicking Fear’s Butt”