A Hard Man is Good to Find – Fear of the Alpha

I think you’ll all know by now that when it comes to heroes, I’m an alpha girl all the way. I like a hard man. A man who doesn’t take any crap from anyone. A take charge, protective man. And most especially a tortured man. Mmmmmm….tortured man….*Homer Simpson donut noise* Ahem. So anyway with all … Continue reading “A Hard Man is Good to Find – Fear of the Alpha”

When Your Hero is a Complete *$%#&#

Okay, I’m admitting this up front – I love a good b*stard. I really, really do. I like reading about them and I loooove writing them. There’s is something very satisfying about a sexy, arrogant SOB who gets his comeuppance at the hands of the heroine. The powerful, autocratic alpha male brought down by some … Continue reading “When Your Hero is a Complete *$%#&#”

Every Good Alpha Deserves A Hobby

A week? Argh, naughty Jackie! My only excuse is that I’ve been hard at work this week getting in more contest entries. Yep, anything and everything, that’s my motto. Gotta be in it to win it etc, etc… Anyway, it’s one of these entries that got me thinking about heroes. Heroes and hobbies to be … Continue reading “Every Good Alpha Deserves A Hobby”

Ten Ways to Make Your Hero Suffer

Still nothing from SYTYCW but apparently the last responses are going to be sent out this week. I am feeling extremely nervous as some Rs without feedback have already gone out so – like everything in this business – there are no guarantees. Anyway, as a kind of distraction, I thought I’d turn my thoughts … Continue reading “Ten Ways to Make Your Hero Suffer”

Neutering the Bad Boy

It’s funny the things you find out about your characters that you don’t realise until you’ve written The End. Have done the HEA for the Hammer Pants ms (actually they’re Hammer Capris since I’ve come up short on the word count) and figured I’ve been pulling back on my hero. I wanted him to be … Continue reading “Neutering the Bad Boy”

The Rudeness of the Frenchman

I’m not talking about Frenchmen in general, just about my particular Frenchman. And his problem with rudeness. Because sadly, in the first chapter he is not at his best and is quite rude to the heroine. Now some people who have met him had no problems with his rudeness and yet others found it difficult. … Continue reading “The Rudeness of the Frenchman”