Heroines Do My Head In

Ah crap, nearly another week has gone by. I do have an excuse though. I have been…drum roll….writing! What you say? Jackie Ashenden actually writing? Unheard of! Yeah, yeah, I’m being sarcastic. I never really stop writing to it’s no surprise. But lately I have been turning off the net to concentrate wholly on what … Continue reading “Heroines Do My Head In”

More About the Non-Sassiness of My Heroine

Have had a little writing hiatus over the past week or two. Actually, when I say writing hiatus I actually mean writing sulk. I went on strike in other words. Not that anyone except me was affected and certainly no one noticed. So yeah, my strike was very effective. Not. Still, it did do me … Continue reading “More About the Non-Sassiness of My Heroine”

A Miracle – The Non Sassy Heroine

Is this even possible in Modern Heat? Having a heroine who is not sassy? Is not quick with the comeback? Does not give the hero what-for at every given opportunity? This, friends, is my conundrum. Having left the Frenchman to stew quietly in his own juices (don’t go there) for a wee while, the time … Continue reading “A Miracle – The Non Sassy Heroine”

Building a Heroine (and An Award)

I’ve been putting this off because quite frankly, heroines are not my strong point. I prefer heroes because, well, to be honest, I’m way more interested in him than I am in her. And possibly also because I’m just not very good at writing a decent heroine. I think the only one of mine that … Continue reading “Building a Heroine (and An Award)”

Dr Jax Stages An Intervention

There I was, throwing myself dramatically on the floor, crying that I couldn’t do it, sounding remarkably like my four year old daughter, when Dr Jax at last arrived home from work. Honestly, I don’t think he knew what to make of it. No, that’s a lie, he knew exactly. I am the biggest drama … Continue reading “Dr Jax Stages An Intervention”

Romance Writer, Amateur Psychologist

Why psychology? Because I got feedback about my synopsis and, yes, there were problems. Guess where my problems were? Yup, the evil heroine strikes again! Hero had potential, heroine…childish and immature. Groan! I’ll be honest here, I did wonder when I was writing this story, whether her conflict was right. Halfway through the book I … Continue reading “Romance Writer, Amateur Psychologist”