Home Again or Completely Gratuitous Shots of New Zealand Countryside

Okay, 4055kms later, I am finally back home! And already feeling the post holiday blues… 🙂 Stupid eh? But had a lovely time. Travelling the country has given me a new appreciation for how beautiful New Zealand is. If any of you are down this end of the globe, make it your mission to see … Continue reading “Home Again or Completely Gratuitous Shots of New Zealand Countryside”

A Missive from the Deep South – On Heroines

Still adventuring in the wilds of New Zealand’s South Island. We’re in Dunedin, the southern most city and I have been searching in vain for wireless internet. I think poor old NZ is rather foot-dragging when it comes to providing free wireless hotspots because there ain’t none around here. Luckily Dr Jax has an iPhone … Continue reading “A Missive from the Deep South – On Heroines”

In the Millionaire Playboy Psychiatrist’s Penthouse

Two out the four statements in the above title are true and I’ll leave you to figure out which ones are which… Yes, it is a little bit sad to be posting a blog entry while I’m on holiday but a) wouldn’t you know it, I have a cold and am holed up in our … Continue reading “In the Millionaire Playboy Psychiatrist’s Penthouse”