So You Think You Can Write? Or Does My Butt Look Big in This? (Plus Congrats!)

Who else is feeling like they can write? I should clarify, this is for those of us who are taking the SYTYCW trip and are expecting to hear back this week. Are you excited? Nervous? Couldn’t care less? NTAI? Personally I’m feeling like I can vomit. I actually thought I would be okay with this. … Continue reading “So You Think You Can Write? Or Does My Butt Look Big in This? (Plus Congrats!)”

Three Little Problems

Yep, have sent a chapter and synopsis to the ed. No, not the NV entry as yet. This is my soldier story (though I’m thinking of losing the soldier part since it only adds to his character and doesn’t directly relate to the story). I feel paranoid and sick about it naturally. The previous two … Continue reading “Three Little Problems”

Angry Birds

Okay so no, haven’t had any news since that email from the ed last week. And am feeling frustrated today. The progress of this story feels somewhat akin to Chinese Water Torture and I’m wondering whether in April, when they told me the story needed to be rewritten, I should have just accepted the story … Continue reading “Angry Birds”

I Am Not a Number – Or Collection of Character Traits!

Another slow news day in Jackie land. To NTAI, I’m concentrating on thinking about the iPad which is finally being released in NZ on Friday. And yes, I’m going to get one. I’m such a gadget girl, I can’t help myself. iPad wins over shoes any day in my book. Anyway, on the writing front, … Continue reading “I Am Not a Number – Or Collection of Character Traits!”

Don’t Call Me Baby

Well, feeling very jealous about all the conference stuff going on. What with RNA and then RWA, little ole NZ is feeling very far away from everything! Luckily next month there will be the RWAus Conference in Sydney, which I am attending for the first time. Be so cool to see my CPs Rach and … Continue reading “Don’t Call Me Baby”