Writing a Damn Fine Proposal #2 – Pitching

So a couple of week ago (yeah, I know I’m late with this but the writing comes first), I talked about synopses. Now, we’re going to spend a bit of time with something shorter, but no less fiddly to write – the pitch. Pitches are different beasts. They’re designed to be short and hooky to … Continue reading “Writing a Damn Fine Proposal #2 – Pitching”

Master Class at the Sisters

Naturally since I am the WORLD EXPERT at pitching, I am doing a post on pitching at the Sisters today. Here in fact. Of course, when I say world expert, I mean that term very loosely. Exceedingly loosely. In fact, I’m actually no expert (shock, horror), more of an enthusiastic amateur. And it’s basically a … Continue reading “Master Class at the Sisters”

To the Bat – ahem – Writing Cave!

Talk about timing. I go camping with the family (let us not mention tents and the dismantling of said edifices in the rain) and the next day find out that I have won a full request from a pitch competition! Argh!!! Why the argh? Well, I’m camping for a week with patchy internet access and … Continue reading “To the Bat – ahem – Writing Cave!”