How Throwing a Tantrum Can Work

Soooo….you know how I threw an epic tantrum about how nothing was happening??  And many of you said to hang in there and things will start to move? Well, I woke up this morning to an email from the wonderful editor at M&B about Mr Sheikhypants. They love him and his conflict (yay me for … Continue reading “How Throwing a Tantrum Can Work”

Control, Alt, Delete…

I deleted 4k yesterday. Yep, after a whole day sweating over all those words, I decided that there was a reason I was sweating over them and that reason was because they were crap. Honestly, you’d think I would know this stuff by now but no, after two years of short category discipline, I still … Continue reading “Control, Alt, Delete…”

Jackie is Climbing the Mountain

Chapters 2 and 3 are now in the hands of the editor. So is my sorry excuse for a synopsis. I’m not very good at them I’ve decided. I hope it was better than my last one – I think it is. I concentrated entirely on the emotional growth of the romance with barely any … Continue reading “Jackie is Climbing the Mountain”

The Seven Sassy Sisters Strike Back

Who are the Seven Sassy Sisters? What on earth do they do? What’s all this about a double life? Why is a small, knitted, blue octopus so important? Is it even possible to write both Blaze and Sweet at the same time? Who likes Stephen King and romance too? What is it about displaced Australians … Continue reading “The Seven Sassy Sisters Strike Back”

Finding the Happy Medium

I’ve always been an instinctive writer. I’ve been writing for 25 years (not submitting I hasten to add just in case anyone has visions of Jackie stuck in a garret, toiling away), writing lots of different stuff, poems, science fiction, fantasy, literary, and romance, and all of it just kind of flowed. I had no … Continue reading “Finding the Happy Medium”

And the Winner With Massive Revisions is….Jackie!

Yup, consensus is revisions! Lucky me! Well, I have to say, it was nothing I didn’t expect. When I wrote the partial I thought it was the best I’d ever done – certainly better than the last one – but of course, over the space of five months, you learn. And once you’ve learned, you … Continue reading “And the Winner With Massive Revisions is….Jackie!”