The Dance of the Seven Veils

Aren’t you guys fabulous? I got some great comments about the whole digging deep deal last post – really set off lots of lightbulbs for me, especially with the WIP I’m going to be subbing next. So big cheers and thanks to you all for commenting! Anyway, that digging deep post really set me thinking … Continue reading “The Dance of the Seven Veils”

Being Too Self Aware About Self Awareness

I have done a post about this before, I realise, but I think it’s worth posting about again since I know a little bit more about it than I did before. And also I have finally finished the major rewrite of my next potential sub and self awareness was a particular bugbear in that one, … Continue reading “Being Too Self Aware About Self Awareness”

The Dangers of Self Awareness

It’s been a bit of a full on weekend. Firstly it was my daughter’s fourth birthday, secondly I am in the middle of Nano-ing, and thirdly I twisted my ankle right at the crucial moment of getting my daughter to come to see her birthday cake! Collapsing on the couch in a moment of extreme … Continue reading “The Dangers of Self Awareness”