Giveaway at the Sassies – His Unexpected Family

I can finally announce that Robyn’s debut release for Entangled Indulgence is live on Amazon!  We’re having a giveaway at the Sassies in celebration so do pop along and leave a comment to be in the draw. I’m going to be having Robyn here on the blog with another giveaway in a few days so … Continue reading “Giveaway at the Sassies – His Unexpected Family”

Jackie’s Little Checklist

Again, thousands of apologies for my lack of keeping this sorry excuse for a blog up to date. And also apologies for not doing my usual round of visits to other people’s blogs. I’ve been keeping my social media distractions to a mimimum for the purposes of pretending that I am an NYT #1 bestselling … Continue reading “Jackie’s Little Checklist”

Master Class at the Sisters

Naturally since I am the WORLD EXPERT at pitching, I am doing a post on pitching at the Sisters today. Here in fact. Of course, when I say world expert, I mean that term very loosely. Exceedingly loosely. In fact, I’m actually no expert (shock, horror), more of an enthusiastic amateur. And it’s basically a … Continue reading “Master Class at the Sisters”

The Dog Ate My Blog Post

Because school holidays have ruined my career as a wanna-be romance novelist, not to mention keeping this blog up to date, I’m taking the easy way out post-wise and directing your attention to the Sisters’ site where I have a post about emotion up there. It’s one I was going to do for here but … Continue reading “The Dog Ate My Blog Post”

Still Waiting….

I’m still waiting to hear back re SYTYCW. It’s like waiting for the firing squad to get to you. They’ve shot everyone else, there’s only you left. Groan! And it’s worse for me because normally my news comes while I’m sleeping due to the difference in time zones between the UK and NZ. Yay for … Continue reading “Still Waiting….”