The Magic Moment

It’s a magic moment really. The moment when the manuscript you wrote with such excitement, the characters you thought were so fabulous, the conflict you just knew was SO different, the story you lovingly crafted into a work of art, suddenly turns to crap in the space of a second. Something silly might have triggered … Continue reading “The Magic Moment”

Distracting Myself From Pressing Send

It’s subbing eve. Soon I will have two stories out there. Soon I’ll be back on that big ‘ole rollercoaster, viewing my inbox with trepidation, nay with horror. But what’s a girl to do? I had two really great pieces of advice when I confessed my subbing fear at the Auckland chapter group meeting last … Continue reading “Distracting Myself From Pressing Send”

When You’re Afraid of Your Own Story

Alrighty, I have now finished the partial requested by Mills and Boon, and also the full I need to send to to Carina. All I need to do is a final polish on both and then a synopses each. Easy. Well, okay apart from actually writing the synopses. And the HUGE subbing fear that is … Continue reading “When You’re Afraid of Your Own Story”

Unpublished! Why It’s Awesome

I’m coming up to the mid-March you’ll hear back deadline. And I’ve got that whole love/hate relationship thing going on with the Inbox of Doom. It’s mostly hate at the moment, followed by brief, intense bouts of love. Such as waking to find there is NO email from the editor in the mornings – love … Continue reading “Unpublished! Why It’s Awesome”

Attack of the Killer Blahs or I Suck

Blah. Such a great word. Sums up so many things in such a short space. Also correctly and precisely describes my feelings about the tsunami of submission doubt that has dumped itself on my head. I’m at the point where you know you’re going to hear back soonish and am trying to resist the lure … Continue reading “Attack of the Killer Blahs or I Suck”

So You Think You Can Write? Or Does My Butt Look Big in This? (Plus Congrats!)

Who else is feeling like they can write? I should clarify, this is for those of us who are taking the SYTYCW trip and are expecting to hear back this week. Are you excited? Nervous? Couldn’t care less? NTAI? Personally I’m feeling like I can vomit. I actually thought I would be okay with this. … Continue reading “So You Think You Can Write? Or Does My Butt Look Big in This? (Plus Congrats!)”

The Importance of Being Nervous

Why am I nervous? Because I’ve heard from the editor that I’ve been working with and she’s told me that she should be getting to my partial in the next couple of weeks. Argh!!! And I’ve gone from impatient waiting to nervous twitching instead. Perhaps it’s nicer not knowing. Because when you don’t know, you … Continue reading “The Importance of Being Nervous”