Synopsis Suckage – A Few Synopses Writing Tips

Haven’t done a writing post for ages and since I’m in the process of writing outlines for the agent, I thought I’d do one on every writers arch-nemesis – the hideousness of the synopsis. It would really be good if editors or agents could just lift the story straight from our heads. But sadly, since … Continue reading “Synopsis Suckage – A Few Synopses Writing Tips”

Hi, My Name’s Jackie and I am a Writerholic

Just got back from an Easter break and am feeling very writing deprived. Apparently it’s good to have a rest but I tell you five days without writing anything feels like torture to me. Luckily I wasn’t in the middle of a wip otherwise it would have been hell. Still, the one good thing about … Continue reading “Hi, My Name’s Jackie and I am a Writerholic”

Romance Writer, Amateur Psychologist

Why psychology? Because I got feedback about my synopsis and, yes, there were problems. Guess where my problems were? Yup, the evil heroine strikes again! Hero had potential, heroine…childish and immature. Groan! I’ll be honest here, I did wonder when I was writing this story, whether her conflict was right. Halfway through the book I … Continue reading “Romance Writer, Amateur Psychologist”

The Joy of the One Page Synopsis – Part Two

Righto, now I shall reveal all my secrets… 🙂 Seriously, I am not setting myself up as an expert in this so please take my advice with a fairly hefty grain of salt. The final judge will always be the editor. However, I have learned a few things in the past year and doing it … Continue reading “The Joy of the One Page Synopsis – Part Two”

The Joy of the One Page Synopsis

This is a killer, right? You’re not wrong. How do you get everything you want into one page? Well, it’s not easy but it’s entirely possible. After Michelle S gave me her critique of my sorry synopses, she suggested that I try doing them in one page. This was really hard but in doing so, … Continue reading “The Joy of the One Page Synopsis”

The Fine Art of Synopsis Writing

Right, forget flowery phrases. Sentences that scream ‘look at me!’. Paragraphs that read well but don’t actually tell you anything about the story. Throw them out of the window. Why? Because all your synopsis needs is the setting, the internal/external conflict, the evidence of growing attraction, the black moment and the resolution. Yes, I have … Continue reading “The Fine Art of Synopsis Writing”