Dealing with Disappointment

Post SYTYCW I thought I might put up a little post about disappointment. Because I KNOW what disappointment tastes like and it’s not bitter aloes. It’s dog meat. Or cat’s breath. Or dinosaur turds. Or like your most hated food doubled. Crap in other words. Anyway, I know I didn’t enter but I do feel … Continue reading “Dealing with Disappointment”

SYTYCW? No, Apparently I Can’t

Which means I got an R and a bog standard R at that. Thanks but no thanks, your story was ‘not strong enough’. Now, of course, Rs are not new to me. But this has the dubious honour of being the first form R I’ve ever had. No, I’ve never had one. Welcome to the … Continue reading “SYTYCW? No, Apparently I Can’t”

The View from the Bar in Unpublished Author Waiting Limbo

There is a special place that all unpublished authors wanting to submit to a publisher evenutally congregate in. It’s called Unpublished Author Waiting Limbo. It’s really not either heaven or hell but I’m going to designate it hell and give it it’s very own special circle because Unpubbed Author Waiting Limbo can be torture. And … Continue reading “The View from the Bar in Unpublished Author Waiting Limbo”

Ten Ways to Make Your Hero Suffer

Still nothing from SYTYCW but apparently the last responses are going to be sent out this week. I am feeling extremely nervous as some Rs without feedback have already gone out so – like everything in this business – there are no guarantees. Anyway, as a kind of distraction, I thought I’d turn my thoughts … Continue reading “Ten Ways to Make Your Hero Suffer”

So You Think You Can Wait Part 2

I’m still in waiting room hell. Have heard nothing re SYTYCW this week. I’m almost wishing I’d got one of the Rs they sent out last week because then at least I’d know. But the worst part is that after waiting another week after everyone else, I STILL could get an R. Groan. Poor eds, … Continue reading “So You Think You Can Wait Part 2”

So You Think You Can Wait

I still haven’t heard re SYTYCW. If it wasn’t for a bunch of other people who haven’t heard either, I would be REALLY paranoid now that my entry was lost. It still could have been for all I know. Sigh. The most annoying thing of all is that now I have to wait until Tuesday … Continue reading “So You Think You Can Wait”

Still Waiting….

I’m still waiting to hear back re SYTYCW. It’s like waiting for the firing squad to get to you. They’ve shot everyone else, there’s only you left. Groan! And it’s worse for me because normally my news comes while I’m sleeping due to the difference in time zones between the UK and NZ. Yay for … Continue reading “Still Waiting….”

So You Think You Can Write? Or Does My Butt Look Big in This? (Plus Congrats!)

Who else is feeling like they can write? I should clarify, this is for those of us who are taking the SYTYCW trip and are expecting to hear back this week. Are you excited? Nervous? Couldn’t care less? NTAI? Personally I’m feeling like I can vomit. I actually thought I would be okay with this. … Continue reading “So You Think You Can Write? Or Does My Butt Look Big in This? (Plus Congrats!)”