Thank You Lovely Blog Friends

Today I am sending out HUGE thank yous to all of you who read my chapter in the New Voices comp. I know, there’s still two weeks to go till we hear about the finalists but honestly, I’m so grateful that I almost don’t care if I place or not (almost!). 😉 To say I’m … Continue reading “Thank You Lovely Blog Friends”

Drama Queen Gets Well Deserved Slap Round the Head

Ahem. Have to apologise for the whine-fest that was the last post. My only excuse is that I was feeling particularly low and was kind of daring the universe to see what would happen if I gave up. And the universe responded with a stop whining, pull yourself together and get on with it message. … Continue reading “Drama Queen Gets Well Deserved Slap Round the Head”

A Wobbly Moment

To all those lovely people who have offered advice and support over the past week or so, thank you so much. You’ve made me feel hugely better about this waiting game that I’m playing. For someone who absolutely loathes waiting and who is naturally impatient, this has been a real lesson and I’m just so … Continue reading “A Wobbly Moment”