And you think you had problems with writing a love scene…

Check out the winner of the Literary Review’s Bad Sex in Fiction award as reported by the Guardian. I’ve read worse personally. For a taste of the rest of the nominees, look here. Apparently, according to this blog, the history of the award was to remind authors that sex has no place in literary fiction. … Continue reading “And you think you had problems with writing a love scene…”

Kidnapped by the Maverick, Moderately Well Off Psychiatrist

No, it’s not the title of the new wip. Just come back from Sydney after being taken there for a surprise 10th wedding anniversary holiday by my husband. A fabulous time was had and am now wishing I was back there! Sadly I am now back home and have to figure out what to do … Continue reading “Kidnapped by the Maverick, Moderately Well Off Psychiatrist”

Contest Entry Revisions

Well, sent my revisions off to Anna at Mills and Boon. Worked all weekend on re-writing the first three chapters completely, not to mention the synopsis. And of course after I’d sent them, I saw more holes in my synopsis etc etc. Argh. Reminds me of submitting essays at university except this is much worse! … Continue reading “Contest Entry Revisions”