In Which Jackie Drags Out Yet Another Tired Analogy

For the few people still reading this blog, I thought I’d vary my analogy today. I’ve given up supermarkets for the moment, since supermarkets imply movement. I’m going with quicksand today since there is absolutely no movement whatsoever. Plus I can also get in the whole ‘journey to publication’ thing since, apparently, it is a … Continue reading “In Which Jackie Drags Out Yet Another Tired Analogy”

Valentine’s Day in Limbo

Okay, so, since Elissa nailed shut the escape door in Unpublished Author Waiting Limbo, I am now trapped here. Which means you will all have to put up with me moaning about it until I manage to swim the lakes of fire, slay the two-headed dogs, manage to scale the nine hundred million mile high … Continue reading “Valentine’s Day in Limbo”

The View from the Bar in Unpublished Author Waiting Limbo

There is a special place that all unpublished authors wanting to submit to a publisher evenutally congregate in. It’s called Unpublished Author Waiting Limbo. It’s really not either heaven or hell but I’m going to designate it hell and give it it’s very own special circle because Unpubbed Author Waiting Limbo can be torture. And … Continue reading “The View from the Bar in Unpublished Author Waiting Limbo”

So You Think You Can Wait Part 2

I’m still in waiting room hell. Have heard nothing re SYTYCW this week. I’m almost wishing I’d got one of the Rs they sent out last week because then at least I’d know. But the worst part is that after waiting another week after everyone else, I STILL could get an R. Groan. Poor eds, … Continue reading “So You Think You Can Wait Part 2”

Still Waiting….

I’m still waiting to hear back re SYTYCW. It’s like waiting for the firing squad to get to you. They’ve shot everyone else, there’s only you left. Groan! And it’s worse for me because normally my news comes while I’m sleeping due to the difference in time zones between the UK and NZ. Yay for … Continue reading “Still Waiting….”

Very Soon Sweepstakes Update

The ‘Very Soon’ sweepstake is nearing the end of its first week and….sorry Janet who picked the 6th. No word for me this morning. 🙁 So, we’ll be entering the second week on Monday so fingers crossed that one of you who picked this coming week will be right. It’s not the best week to … Continue reading “Very Soon Sweepstakes Update”