Synopsis Suckage – A Few Synopses Writing Tips

Haven’t done a writing post for ages and since I’m in the process of writing outlines for the agent, I thought I’d do one on every writers arch-nemesis – the hideousness of the synopsis. It would really be good if editors or agents could just lift the story straight from our heads. But sadly, since … Continue reading “Synopsis Suckage – A Few Synopses Writing Tips”

Kicking Fear’s Butt

So I’ve been contemplating this mountain thingy here and while I have, I’ve been thinking about my writing and all those bloody rejections. Especially the last two. I found it very interesting that in the ed’s opinion, the Hammer Pants ms, the one I’d written 18 months ago, was stronger than the one I’d written … Continue reading “Kicking Fear’s Butt”

I Do Not Know What I’m Talking About

I know, I know, you’re all finding it absolutely incredible to believe but it’s true. Jackie does not know what she’s talking about. This post is mainly for people searching for writing advice or any clue on how to get ahead in this hell we call the publishing business, or indeed anyone who may be … Continue reading “I Do Not Know What I’m Talking About”

Don’t Call Me Baby

Well, feeling very jealous about all the conference stuff going on. What with RNA and then RWA, little ole NZ is feeling very far away from everything! Luckily next month there will be the RWAus Conference in Sydney, which I am attending for the first time. Be so cool to see my CPs Rach and … Continue reading “Don’t Call Me Baby”

Drama Queen Gets Well Deserved Slap Round the Head

Ahem. Have to apologise for the whine-fest that was the last post. My only excuse is that I was feeling particularly low and was kind of daring the universe to see what would happen if I gave up. And the universe responded with a stop whining, pull yourself together and get on with it message. … Continue reading “Drama Queen Gets Well Deserved Slap Round the Head”

Hi, My Name’s Jackie and I am a Writerholic

Just got back from an Easter break and am feeling very writing deprived. Apparently it’s good to have a rest but I tell you five days without writing anything feels like torture to me. Luckily I wasn’t in the middle of a wip otherwise it would have been hell. Still, the one good thing about … Continue reading “Hi, My Name’s Jackie and I am a Writerholic”