Chocolate Fish

I have been eating far too many chocolate fish lately (AnNZ thing. See Wikipedia). Obsessively some might say. I think it’s because I’m not writing. I’ve had a non-writing week which always makes me very grumpy and always inclined to eat chocolate.
I’ve got two WIPs that I’m currently working on at the moment and I did open them up and have a look. I even wrote a couple of lines. But it just didn’t work. I suppose everyone has these down-times where nothing seems to come to together right.

It doesn’t help that it’s school holidays here and I’m providing entertainment for my seven year old. She’s pretty self-sufficient usually but will come in to bother me with requests for food, observations about random phenomena, and the occasional whine for a play date because Mum’s boring. When I’m writing, these interruptions are incredibly distracting. I can’t tune them out and keep going. So I just don’t bother writing when she’s around. I wonder if this inability to concentrate with distractions is a symptom of age? Or motherhood? In my twenties, I used to be able to write away happily, stereo going loudly, interruptions aplenty and just be able to tune them all out. Not so now.

Anyone else need complete silence to write or could you write in the middle of a rock concert?

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  1. I need silence too, or if I have any music on it has to be classical so there are no words to distract me.

    I’m not sure it’s changed with age but certainly the older I get the less tolerant I get of interruptions!

    Are chocolate fish an NZ thing? I am heavily (being the appropriate word) into jaffa cakes at the mo…

  2. Aaah, yes, of course. I wondered if anyone else would know what a chocolate fish was! I think it definitely is an NZ thing. Basically they’re marshmallow fish dipped in chocolate. Kind of fat free-ish? (she asks hopefully)…

  3. Chocolate anything sounds fine to me. I’ve been binging on violet creams today – definitley not fat free (keep telling myself that fat is good for a woman my age – will plump out the wrinkles, so I’ll look at least 5 years younger).

    I think a seven year old will always take precedence over writing – it’s an inbuilt Mummy Radar thing. Perfectly normal – as is guilt if we’re not giving them 100% attention. You’ll be able to concentrate better when she goes back to school.

  4. I’m grumpy too cos I’m sans-writing project. I promised hubby I’d take six months off cos of baby, then the Feel The Heat revisions came up, so that went out the window… but now those are sent… I’m supposed to be on maternity leave again ๐Ÿ™

    Send some of those chocolate fish my way!

  5. Suzanne, I like your attitude re the chocolate! Yep, I’m hanging out for school.

    These things always come up when you least expect eh, Rach? The revisions, I’m meaning, not the baby. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Can you at least toy with ideas? I find I get less grumpy if I’ve got an idea to play with, even if I’ve only got ten minutes to write it down. Of course, that hasn’t helped this week. Grrrr.

  6. I know what chocolate fish are and I can’t have them anywhere near me…I’m obsessed and can’t stop eating until they’re all gone!

    I don’t think we’ve met before, but I’ve blogged with Suzanne and Racheal. Please stop by for a visit!

    And….I can write anywhere. I’m one of the few who can totally space out. I write and ride my horse in the same way…in my own little zone. On my horse, it can be a problem. If I’m riding in an indoor arena (which I do in the freezing cold) I really need to watch out for other riders!

  7. Hi Jan, nice to meet you! I have to say that’s totally dedicated writing! I used to do competitive swimming when I was younger and doing lengths in the pool was a great way to zone out and think about my writing. There’s something about mindless physical exercise that can leave your brain free to play…

  8. Those fish look delish. Wish I could get them here…

    When I’m on a roll I kind of go into a zone, and can write with or without music. Not talking though. (No children so no distractions!!)

    When I get to the angry emotional bits, I listen to ‘dies irae’ tracks on a loop.

  9. Hey Jackie! Followed your link over here from Harlequin. I wrote Jax at first and went back and corrected it. That habit is going to be hard to break. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Noise, distractions and such—they don’t bother me and they do. I have finally decided that it depends on what I’m writing. If I have an intense scene that is blaring in my mind…the house could blow up around me and I’d stay typing and go, ‘uhuh, honey, what did you want again?’ ๐Ÿ™‚ Generally its when I’m editing that I have problems. If its in a tough spot, the slightest little distraction can make it impossible for me to concentrate. This past week was a perfect example. I chipped away at things. Its a tough spot and dang if the world isn’t full of reasons why I ‘shouldn’t’ be working on it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    And music might help get my imagination flowing but I can’t stand it when I’m writing. Weird considering I listen to the kids constantly. In fact I have a monitor on so I can hear if there are problems. Guess I know its necessary where as the music isn’t.

    And chocolate covered fish? hmmm, I love chocolate but I have not tried that yet.

    Have fun writing!

  10. Lucy – I envy you the no kids distraction. But yes, sometimes I can have music on but if I find myself typing the lyrics into my ms, I know that it’s time to stop!

    Hi Cole! So nice to see all these new faces (or faces from other places) here. You can concentrate pretty well, I’m thinking! When I’m in the zone, I can do it but editing is my bugbear too. I can also hear my kids from my study which doesn’t help. I can recommend chocolate fish but I’m not sure you can get them in the States.

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