Consultation Date Delayed

Welcome to the wonderful world of publishing! My phone consultation is not going to be today (tonight NZ time), it’s now going to be next Thursday to give Jenny Hutton a chance to go over my other partial (the non-competition one)… Sigh. But I’m okay with it. Definitely want to have Jenny’s comments about both partials so I know what’s working and what’s not. If they could only have given me just a teeny tiny hint about which one they wanted me to continue with (because they do want me to go on with one of them) then I would be completely happy. Problem is one story is written and the other isn’t. Betcha they want me to go with the one that isn’t…

4 thoughts on “Consultation Date Delayed”

  1. It is nail biting! I know they said they would give a recommendation about which to ‘follow up on’ – which I assume means they may want to see more of it.. But who knows? Ah the pressure! 🙂

  2. You should definitely email them! I know Felicity has had hers – she told me she emailed them a couple of weeks after hearing about her placing. So I would say sending them another email 3 months after the contest is not being at all pushy.

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