Drama Queen Gets Well Deserved Slap Round the Head

Ahem. Have to apologise for the whine-fest that was the last post. My only excuse is that I was feeling particularly low and was kind of daring the universe to see what would happen if I gave up. And the universe responded with a stop whining, pull yourself together and get on with it message. Thanks heaps guys. This blog and all the people who read it (lurkers and commenters alike) plays a huge part in keeping me going when things get difficult (CPs too!). Those comments help me put things in persepective, get me out of the hole. And yeah, tough love is GOOD (thank you Julie Cohen!). I need tough. Because this is hard and no place for wusses. It’s like a never ending World Cup tournament where you’re North Korea, playing every team in creation, in the hope of getting through to the finals. And where every game ends with penalty shoot-outs! (sorry, blame the World Cup madness for that particular analogy!). Oh and as for the trying for two years comment – PATHETIC!! Some people have been trying for 20!!

Anyway, I’m a Kiwi and Kiwis are bl**dy tough. Wussy talk about giving up is NOT the Kiwi way (thank you Kerrin!). Real Kiwis stop complaining, put their big girl panties on, and get stuck in. So that’s what I’m going to do. I’ll stop obsessing over the NES (Natalie, I’m trying to forget about it!) and get stuck in with finishing all the WIPs I’ve got lying around.

So, to get the positive vibes rolling, I’m going to ignore the things I have problems with in my writing, and list two good things about it:
1. I write kick-ass dialogue.
2. I can write smoking hot love scenes.

What about you guys? Tell me two good things that you’re good at – and it’s writing here folks. I don’t want to hear about how great you are at vacuuming.

Note: I’m not giving up whining forever though, okay? I still reserve the right to whine a little when the occasion demands. All those who aren’t comfortable with it, look away. ๐Ÿ˜‰

21 thoughts on “Drama Queen Gets Well Deserved Slap Round the Head”

  1. Don’t you dare apologise for whining – a good wine does a person the world of good and clears the air so you can move forward.

    It’s great to see you’re feeling better.


  2. Suzanne – Lol! Okay, I retract my apology. I have to say it is my way of dealing with the bad stuff, and once I’ve got it off my chest, I can can keep going. A good whine, swiftly followed by another good wine. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Jackie, I too, write good dialogue and smokin’ hot love scenes. And you’re right, you do those things well. ๐Ÿ˜€ I’ll never ride in a limo again and not think of chapter four…of course…I’ll have to ride in a limo someday so I can be telling the truth…LOL.

    I’m glad you clarified that it was writing, cuz I was gonna tell you all some other things I’m good at…and it isn’t vaccuming.

  4. Delurking to say I’m not very good at vacuuming. ๐Ÿ™‚ When the husband finally buckles down and does it, he’s much better than I am.
    Thanks for sharing glass of whine. ๐Ÿ™‚ And thanks to all the wonderful commenters. I’m a rank beginner (only one sub under my belt) and I’ve gotten discouraged too. The comments bucked me up. Just knowing everyone struggles sometimes helps somehow.
    There are days I think I’m crazy to do this and what’s worse is that everyone else privately thinks I’m crazy too. But then I imagine being on my death bed and saying “I could have been a published author if I’d tried just a little harder and longer.” And that’s not something I want to do.
    What I do well. Hmmm.
    Dialogue and quirky/funny stuff. Just comes naturally to me.
    I wish I was good at love scenes! Something to work on. . .

  5. Maisey – you SO are good at those writing things. And as for that other thing…ahem…maybe you SHOULD book yourself a limo. Then you can tell me whether I got it right or not. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Jill – believe me, everyone struggles. And from what I’ve heard, and from what the fab authors have commented here, even when you’re published, it’s still a damn struggle. You know what though, I have exactly the same thought re the deathbed regrets. That’s not going to be me, let me tell you. I don’t think you’re crazy, I reckon everyone who sends something out there is a hero. So there you go. Not crazy. Hero.
    Yay for dialogue!! And love scenes…well, practice helps. I mean writing practice naturally…;-)

    Hmmm…just noticed that Ms Jones, did not tell me what she writes well….

  7. What an AWESOME post!! I knew you’d never give up!! And love the idea to be affirmative about our writing.
    Two things I’m good at:
    1) Beginnings
    2) writing in an easy-to-read, sassy, enjoyable voice (if that makes sense)!!

  8. Jackie, glad you have pulled yourself out of it!
    I’m good at inner dialogue! I know that’s not always the best thing, but that’s my thing.
    And i’m good at helping others spot what’s wrong with their writing, so maybe that will help me in the long run too!

  9. Rach – thanks chickie!! Yeah, I gave up for a day and thought, nah, this sucks. ๐Ÿ˜‰ And I whole heartedly agree with those things you’re good at. I love your beginnings and your voice is awesome! And I’d also add that your characters are extremely cool!

    Kerrin – yep, your Kiwi comment was just what I needed. And inner dialogue is extremely important – good on ya. Being able to spot stuff in other’s peoples work is invaluable too. I can do that as well but am useless when it comes to seeing in my own! Wish it worked both ways. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Jackie: Never apologise, but never talk about quitting either, or I may have to get on a plane and knock some Canadian sense into you. lol (don’t worry, everyone knows that Canadians are too polite to do anything remotely like that.

    I’d like to think that I’m great with dialogue and I think I have a way with out-of-the-blue, backhanded humor. Who knows what others would say?

  11. Wendy – don’t worry, you won’t have to get on the plane. I have seen sense. And I will still be complaining so brace yourself. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve found that generally what we like to write, we’re pretty good at so I reckon you’d be right in thinking you’re good at dialogue and humour. Sounds like really, cool humour too!

  12. Hey Jackie – it’s good to whine – we all do it! Reminds me of a joke I once heard. Q “What’s an Essex girls favourite wine? A. “I wanna’ go shopping!” (Maybe you have to be British to understand this one!!)

    OK. Things I am good at writing wise.
    1. Good love scenes (aparantly!)
    2. Showing not telling.

    Caroline x

  13. Caroline – having lived in London for a couple of years, I know exactly what you mean with that joke! lol! Luckily I am not an Essex girl.
    Oh and hey, another good love scene writer! I’m particularly proud of that one, they are VERY hard to get right. And showing? I sometimes can find this difficult – maybe you could pass on a tip??

  14. Hi,

    You’re not alone on this quest of yours. God, I took time out a week back (one day) to go cruising the super highway, and lordy there are thousands (possibly topping over one million)wannabe published writers on blogland, hundreds aiming at various HM&B lines.

    Me too, and with a four month wait already wracked up on a MH ms and two months on a historical, I’d be pleased at answer of mere yes or no(bring on revision)because that way I’d know where I stand HM&B wise!

    Having been published before and having had a taster of longish waiting times (nowhere near as long as at present)and the bum factor of revisions, there is a limit to how long I shall wait for reply from HM&B, but that’s because there are other publishers out there and as yet I have no reason to be loyal to HM&B as a writer! After all, I don’t purchase solely HM&B books to read either.

    As a writer it’s okay to target one publisher (though sensible to play the field), but to target one line is banking a hell of a lot of patience and drawing on one’s resolve to believe that line alone will come up trumps!

    Fortunately you’re way past the first hurdle, you have an editor’s eyes and that means you’re up with the leading runners so you’ll get placed eventually! Angst is a waste of good writing time, and if you want to be up with the front-runners next race then get in the writing saddle and dan well write!!!!!!


  15. Francine – thanks heaps! Yep, the waits are long and maybe I’m being a bit silly just targeting one line exclusively. But HMB is my white whale so I’ll keep on with it. I do have an ed who is happy to read my work so that’s great. Still toying with something else though…
    Good luck with you stuff huh?

  16. Well I am pretty darn good at that vacuuming now that you mention it…

    I wouldn’t say it was a whine-fest because if it was I whined right along with you and I’m not repenting at all ;). Besides, whining is good for the complexion.

    Two things I’m good at according to most recent R:
    1. Good writing
    2. Using lots of unbelievable plot devices (I personally believe this takes talent….)

  17. Hi,

    Just a quickie . . .

    Why not have some Internet funtime?

    There are two blogfests advertised on my blog. Believe me they’re wonderful for taking oneself right out of the daily grind of writing to end goal day in day out!!


  18. Lacey – nothing wrong with being good at vacuuming. ๐Ÿ™‚ And no, we shall not repenteth the whine.
    Yay on the good writing, but unbelievable plot devices? I’m sure lots is an overstatement!

    Francine – ah, yeah, I should do eh? But I must admit to not liking to post my stuff online. I’m a little paranoid. Maybe one day.

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