Elvis Has Left the Building Or JSTFT

I’ve done it. Had a final read-through today, made some more changes, pestered the husband to read them through again, re-did a paragraph he thought didn’t work, then danced round the house going “I can’t, I can’t!” As my other half told me in no uncertain terms – JSTFT. Just Send The F%&!ing Thing. So I did. I sent the F%&*!ing thing. Although, just you all know how much of a wuss I am, the husband pushed the send button. Yes, I’m a complete wimp.

Now I feel sick. Has anyone got a handy bucket?

14 thoughts on “Elvis Has Left the Building Or JSTFT”

  1. I have a handy spare baby bath for you, will work much better than a bucket. It’s splash resistant and can take all you’ve got. πŸ™‚

    Seriously, you’ve done fantastically well. I think I would have still been reading the revision letter scratching my head!

    Never forget, they asked for a full, so they already love you.

  2. Thanks Rach! I reckon I will eventually (as will you) – if not this one then there are plenty more where that came from. πŸ™‚

    Ah, Jo, a baby bath will be much appreciated. But yes, I did at least know what they wanted me to do. I just hope I’ve managed to do it. And I hope they love me, or at least, the ms!

  3. So it’s done.

    Now sit back and remember where you were with your writing this time last year. Go on, I bet you never imagined in your wildest dreams (ok, maybe you did cos we all do) that by now you’d have snagged the interest of an editor (who knows what she’s doing cos it’s her job), held that interest and submitted an ms that’s surely going to hit the mark.
    Have a glass of something nice or a cuppa but have something to congratulate yourself Jackie. You’ve done wonderfully well and that feeling alone should be enjoyed, before you start panicking. You don’t need a bucket although Joanne’s offer of the baby bath was very generous.

    Fingers crossed,

  4. Well done Jackie.

    As Joanne said, they DO love you already.

    Know it’s easy for me to say, but try to forget it now that you’ve done your bit. And spoil yourself – you deserve a celebration.


  5. Well done Jackie—go you!
    Everyone’s right, they don’t ask for revs unless they want to buy you. That is the revisions stamp of approval (I’m dreaming that I might manage one of those one day! It’s my biggie ambition. Ain’t it just for us all).
    Keep the faith. We’re rooting for you. Jude

  6. Gosh, aren’t you guys lovely? Honestly, don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t have y’all to complain to and get support from!

    Aideen – a year ago I was feeling peeved that I didn’t get any feedback from the Instant Seduction comp. And then a letter came in April telling me to submit something else. So yes, I never, ever thought I’d be at this point a year later. Ahhh!

    I was hoping this morning (yes, morning here) I might have got an email from Anna telling me she’s received the ms. But no. How come she’s not at her desk 24/7 just waiting to received my magnum opus?? πŸ˜‰

  7. oh best of luck Jackie – altho I’m sure luck won’t be necessary – but I do hope they come back quickly for you – its such a nerve wracking time! (and no, it never gets any easier!)

  8. Romy, I’ve got another couple of projects I should finish. Including a finished ms that needs tweaking. I suppose I should just go do that…

    Hi Natalie! Thanks for the luck, I’ll need it. Sad to hear it doesn’t get easier – I’m barely coping now! πŸ™‚

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