For the Love of Editing

I love editing. There, I’ve said. I love editing and I don’t care who knows it. I love fiddling around with scenes and layering in little bits here and there, or even cutting out a scene that didn’t work and rewriting it. In fact, in many ways, getting that first draft down for me is the hardest part. Once it’s down, at least the bare bones are there and I can fiddle.

Maybe this goes back to being the kid who spent more time drawing little borders around her school work than actually doing the work. Or happily playing around with designing pamphlets when I used to work in the library (as opposed to actually writing the content). Yep, there was something satisfying in fiddling with stuff.

Anyway, I’ve finally finished the rewrite of a story I wrote during Nano the year before last and am now having fun with editing it. I loved the story – especially the idea and I loved the hero. But sadly when I wrote it, I was still getting the hang of conflict and so the characters…well….they didn’t have any. However, I’ve learned a lot in the past six months and now I think I have the story to where I want it to be. As in there is actual conflict in there!
Of course because of having actual conflict, I had to change large parts of the story completely. I think in all there were three chapters I kept, plus a few minor plot points and then the rest I rewrote entirely from scratch. This will be my next sub so I hope it works. Of course, the only person who can say for certain that it does work is the editor and as I’m still waiting on news of my partial, I won’t be getting any feedback for this story any time soon. Ah well, in the meantime I’ll have fun with my editing and then perhaps think about which story I’ll concentrate on next. After all, the best thing to do while waiting is more writing right?

So, how do you find editing? Do you spend your time drawing pretty borders around your work or do you hate that bit? 😉

10 thoughts on “For the Love of Editing”

  1. Sigh. I have a love hate relationship with editing (actually I have a love hate realtionship with everything these days). I find that I write fast, but edit sloooooooowwwly. Very sloooowly.

    Oh – I’m a boaderer too. big time.

  2. Yeah, I write fast too. But then I edit slower. And it can take more than a few edits for me to be happy with the mss. It can take a while to draw a nice border around each page you see. 😉

  3. I’m like Janette – a love/hate relationship. If we’re talking polishing and tweaks I LOVE editing! But if we’re talking massive rewrites – then NO THANKS!

    Great to hear you’re happy with your story! I’m still wasting too much time thinking about a new idea when I don’t even need one yet. Just blogged about it – lol!

  4. I used to hate editing. Getting the first draft down is fun, and fast and fresh, but fixing it? Gah. If I knew how to fix it I just would have done it that way in the first place!!

    But, then I started to love editing, and here’s how…”Maisey, real world, real world, this is Maisey, be nice to her.”

    Edits are a fact of the biz. Writing is revisions and all that. And now that I’ve seen what edits, revisions and even rewrites can do to an MS, I find I love them.

  5. I love editing, revisions, rewrites – basically everything involved with the ms AFTER it’s done, because I write SLOWLY! Not because the story doesn’t flow or I spend ages planning/plotting but because holding down a full-time job and family means very little time to write.

    I had to learn the hard way not to push myself to write all the time when I started getting major headaches in 2008/2009.

    Once the ms is done though, I love tinkering with it. One editor mentioned how fast I was with editing when I returned a major rewrite three days later! I just wish Harl would hurry up and send me some already! 😉

  6. Rach – I say I’m happy with my story NOW. Tommorrw I’ll hate it! 🙂

    Maisey – that’s it exactly. Making your MS better is so great. Like adding conflict where there was none – it’s like a whole other story!

    Maya – yeah, tinkering is great fun isn’t it? Mind you, the last time I had revisions, I tinkered too much!

  7. I hope I can find the love like you and Maisey 🙂 The funny thing is I love to tinker too and yet when it comes to editing you’ll probably find me cleaning the house instead. Good for the house, bad for the ms…

  8. I have a hate – hate relationship with editing. As I write, I have to edit as I go. I try to limit it, but it’s that darned perfectionist that kicks in. I can’t leave something that isn’t the best I can do at the time. I usually always look over what I’ve done the prior day and inevitably I’ll update it some. I do like to go back and polish once I have a good draft down, but I hate having to rewrite, particularly if it’s extensive. I also kind of write all over the map. I can’t really write linearly so it probably lends itself to more editing during the first pass. It’s kind of like shooting a movie where I’ll ‘film’ all diffferent scenes in totally random order and fit them together after the fact. Sometimes, I’ll even sequence them differently than I originally thought. Weird, right?

  9. Lacey – Well, I don’t love it all the time. 😉

    Suzanne – I have no idea whether I’m good it either. Still haven’t heard back from the ed. 🙂

    Kaily – that’s a really interesting way of doing it. I have to say, I can’t stop and edit as I go otherwise I’ll never get it finished. It tends to bog me down. As to writing linearly, I do that but if a scene isn’t flowing, I will jump ahead to a scene I’m really clear on. My problem is then joining the two scenes up cause I hate doing it! 🙂

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