Free Will

As you’ll probably have guessed from the word meter at the side, I am working on Kate ‘n’ Alex. Or at least, a new story for them. It’s completely and utterly different from my Feel the Heat entry – it kind of had to be really – but that’s not really the problem. The problem is the fact that these two characters will not do as they’re told.

Does anyone else have characters that just randomly do stuff you didn’t expect? I get it all the time. I don’t know how it happens. I’m sitting there, writing away, and just suddenly I’ll have Kate, who is desperate to sell her house but not wanting Alex buy it and pull it down (he’s a developer and the only prospective buyer, natch), offer him a night of hot loving if he will buy it with certain conditions attached. Now, this was not something I had planned. Or even intended! So where did this idea come from?? I’m at a loss. Okay, so I admit that I had intended Alex to make an offer along those lines as a bit of a joke – he is very naughty – but no, it’s Kate who comes out and says it. And Alex, who is supposed to be the naughty one, is coming over all honorable about it! Argh!! Now, I could rewrite this and try and change it back, but it’s been my experience in other stories that it doesn’t work very well. As the editorial assistant told me, you shouldn’t make the characters do things they wouldn’t do just to suit your plot. You have to let them make decisions that are true to their personalities – plot be damned (oh, all right, she didn’t say that last bit)!

So, looks like Kate is being true to her personality and I’ll just have to go with it. Anyone else need a whip to keep their characters in line??

11 thoughts on “Free Will”

  1. A whip and some handcuffs (although obviously fur-lined so as not to cause chaffing…oops wrong line). I know exactly how you feel. Just when you get a feel for your heroine she just outs herself and blows her cover. Very frustrating but maybe you could consider what would make Kate offer something so outrageous and develop the story from there. But then I love go-and-get-’em heroines.

  2. Or how about the threat of deletion if they don’t start doing what they ought to?

    Maybe it’s something to do with heroes called Alex that makes the heroines misbehave. My current hero’s called Alex too, and my heroine’s being a total ninny.

  3. You must’ve created very real characters who’ve got minds of their own. Be glad about this – even if you do have to grit your teeth because they’re not listening to you.


  4. Felicity, I think you’re right, I am going to go with it. Kate’s got reason, I just didn’t think she’d be so up front about it. Just when you think you know someone… πŸ™‚

    Lucy – Alex IS a great name. Perhaps we could do a little research project on heroes called Alex and the behaviour of heroines when paired with such a hero? Need a thesis topic anyone??

    Suzanne – I actually quite like it when my characters do this, even when it’s annoying. It’s usually a sign for me that I’m really getting into their story.

    Lorraine – ha! You’re so right. I am a panster extraordinaire! No matter how many synopses I do…

  5. Oh how lovely. An alpha male with a Kiwi accent. It reminds me of a time when … oh no, I’ll stop before I say too much.

    (He wasn’t called Alex, though!!)

  6. Jo, sorry, but when I think of heroes with Kiwi accents I kind of get put off! Weird huh? I have a bit of a cultural cringe when it comes to our accent. When I was working in a library in London, a French woman came up to the desk with a question and told me I had the most beautiful accent! I just about fell over. πŸ™‚

    Anyway, reminds you of the time when…? You can’t say that and just trail off! πŸ˜‰

  7. Completely unrelated, but have you redesigned your blog?

    I’m not sure if it’s just me, or the borrowed laptop I’m using, but your blog is looking very stylish!

  8. Oooh, thanks Romy! Yeah, I was bored last weekend and fiddled with the template and the colours. Everyone else’s looked so cool I thought I’d better do something about mine. And I like purple – you got that right? πŸ™‚

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