Gemini, Feb 14th

My stars for Valentine’s Day:

“Change is but a hair’s breadth away. It is so close you can’t even invest in frustration now. True patience is to be waiting as if your lover is about to call from overseas. Encourage the party in your heart.”

Okay, I’m not one for horoscopes but it did seem to tie in so nicely with my current mood that I had just to write it down! And to have a horoscope like that on Valentine’s Day… Anyway, am encouraging my heart to party hard. πŸ™‚

As to the rest of the day, Valentine’s has seemingly passed my hubby by. Okay, so he’s on call (he’s a doc) and distracted but still… No ‘happy Valentine’s love’. No flowers (not so bad since the price of flowers is extreme). No chocolates (probably a good thing). Not even a silver tea stand (thanks Lucy). Oh well, the up side is that I did get an email from Amy at I Heart Presents telling me that my chapter will be up next week. Eeek! I’m hoping it’s been so long that everyone will have forgotten about it…

8 thoughts on “Gemini, Feb 14th”

  1. Well.. Happy Valentines Day from moi Jackie! Actually I thought it was only the 13th today and had totally forgotten VD. But hubby surprisingly remembered – didn’t get chocs or a card or anything (unless it’s coming later) but I did get an early morning text when he was at work and I was still in bed πŸ™‚

    Can’t wait to read your chap btw… looks like mine will be lucky last! Well… let’s hope it’s lucky last!

  2. Hey Rach, happy Valentine’s to you too! A valentine’s text? Good on your hubby. I had to tell mine and then I just got a guilty look. πŸ™‚

    I’m nervous about my chapter frankly. It may not live up to the hype – what little hype there is! Hahaha! Anyway, I reckon they’re waiting for yours until they have made a decision on your full. I’m sure we’ll be reading about some ‘good news’ soon enough…

  3. I think you should forgive your hubby for overlooking Valentine’s. It would be hard for him to top the trip he arranged for your 10th anniversary.

    After my usual whinging over the commercialisation of the day, I didn’t get anything. Wish I hadn’t been so grumpy now, could have done with a box of chocolates. Never mind, the day’s still young and I’ll buy my own if necessary.

    Yippee, great news about your chapter. Can’t wait to read it.


  4. Suzanne, I don’t really blame hubby (after the wedding anniversary, he’s got a lot of Brownie points). Being on call usually distracts him. He did come back from a patient visit with some roses though, so I am happy.

    As to my chapter, well, I hope you like it. And if not then you’ll be pleased to know that they didn’t want the rest of it. πŸ˜‰

  5. Stop worrying, Jackie. We’re all going to LOVE your chapter.

    PS Glad you got flowers. Am a happy bunny – was given a huge box of chocolates, afer all.

  6. Happy Valentine’s Day (bit belated). It rather bypassed me too…

    Much looking forward to your chapter – about time!

  7. Cheers Lucy. I’m hoping it will actually go up this time – at least Amy who does all the digital stuff at I Hearts did actually contact me so I guess that’s fairly official!

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