Happy 2013!!

I’m excited. And not because I’ve just had an a lovely beach holiday (see picture!). I’m also excited because now I can say that my book will be released THIS YEAR!!  And not only this year…

Where I was over New Year!



Sorry for shouting.

Anyhoo, the prospect fills me with both joy and terror. There will be reviews and sales rankings to obsess over, reader emails to anticipate. Or what’s worse, no reviews, no sales rankings and no reader emails at all! Ah, the life of a neurotic writer is full of such little worries…

In the meantime, to start off my year, I’ve just got edits for Talking Dirty With the CEO, the first of my Entangled books due out (maybe May) and I’m excited about that too. They’re kind of big in that I have to change some scenes around, plus add a couple more, and I’m VERY happy about the suggestion of adding a bit more foreplay to the hero and heroine’s first love scene (cuz let’s face it, who doesn’t like adding foreplay??). Hehe. But considering I first wrote this book a couple of years ago now, I’m actually really pleased to have the chance to revisit it and make it better. And all the changes WILL make it better.

As to 2013, well, it’s going to be a busy year for me. I have Falling for Finn out the 19th of February, Black Knight, White Queen in July, then Taking Him in November, all from Samhain. And somewhere in the middle – hopefully – my Entangled series as well.

So…uh…yeah. Got no particular resolutions this year other than to start as I mean to continue by writing lots and lots of books!

What about you guys? Any resolutions you want to share? Or goals you want to achieve? Or hey, just raise a glass to 2013??

*raises own glass* *clinks*