Heeeerrrre’s Jackie!

Hey everyone, I’m back. After 10 days of sea, sand, sandcastles and waaaay too much bubbly, it’s back to reality again. To the right there is a small picture of Pataua, the little beach settlement where my husband has a family beach house. It was built by his grandfather way back in the 1930’s so it’s no palatial mansion. It’s what we call a typical Kiwi bach – no TV, tank water which means no showers, no broadband (sniff), and a long drop loo. Oh, okay, there is a flushing loo there now but the long drop is still going. 😉 Anyway, it’s pretty much fabulous, made even better by the fact that my iPhone still appeared to receive emails! Yes, I am a very sad person that I cannot even be away one week without checking.

The other sad thing about me is that I cannot even be on holiday without writing. I finished re-writing the rest of Cat and Sean’s story while I was away. I just got all inspired. It requires a tremendous amount of editing but the bones are there which is very cool. AND I got a new story idea too. Great holiday or what?

I also did some reading and may I say that Natalie Anderson’s To Love, Honour and Disobey (out on ebook via M&B UK) is one fabulous read. Really believable characters, great conflict, fab story. So go out and buy it. Yes, go on. Right now. 🙂

As for me, I now have to decide which of my many projects to get on with. I have five… 😉

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  1. Great to see you back. Your holiday sounds heavenly. That photo… Seville has had snow for the first time in 50 years so am most envious of your sun 🙂

  2. Lucy – argh, not snow in Seville! That’s madness. But yes, am feeling smug about my holiday. 😉

    Janette – Lol! Thank God it did! Though typing out emails on that little tiny screen was annoying. Good thing too eh? Otherwise you might have heard waaay more from me.

  3. Hey, welcome back my favourite smug, southern-hemisphere person 🙂
    I won’t even try to hide how jealous I am of the sunshine you’re enjoying, or the beach, or swimming in the sea… Sigh. According to the Daily Mail the UK is in the grips of a new ice age set to last 20/30 years and we’re all going to freeze to death (okay, I made that last bit up!).
    Well done on finishing Cat and Sean.

  4. lol Lorraine, this cold is really getting to you now isn’t it!
    Hiya jackie, good to see you back and sounding full of writing enthusiasm. I am very envious that your hubby has a family beach house, sounds & looks like the perfect place to unwind – much better than kicking the new year off with snow , snow and more snow. Our forecasts are full on depressing! (How very english of me to bang on about then weather).
    Anyway, Happy New Year. x

  5. Hi Jackie! Its been quiet without you, but I’m glad you’ve been having such a relaxing and inspiring holiday. Well done on getting the story finished, a great buzz and we’re not even two weeks into the new year yet…
    bring it on!

  6. Welcome back, Jackie! Glad you enjoyed your beach getaway. Nothing like a little sun and surf to recharge the soul!!


  7. Jackie, fantastic that you had a refreshing and productive holiday!
    The men in this household went fishing at 6am- a boat trip to the outer Marlborough Sounds. I have an all-day-to-myself, writing day planned. Already I’m checking to see if Jackie’s back and whatever other distractions I can find…. Okay, will stop fluffing around now and get to it!!
    Here’s wishing you (and everyone else) a great writing week! ms

  8. Hi Jackie – welcome back from your ‘change of scene’
    ;)(lets face it, we writer/mums don’t get ‘holidays’) – sounds like a lovely scene to go to tho!!! And well done on doing the rewrite!
    I’m so glad you enjoyed TLH&D – that one caused me some heartburn for a while there!
    Here’s to cracking 2010!!!

  9. Such a lovely welcome home! Thanks guys!

    Lorraine – hey you. The sun is nice but am trying not to be smug. 🙂

    Joanne – hey! Yeah, I am full of enthusiasm. I’m sure it won’t last. 🙂 I don’t envy you the snow, I have to say. Hope you’re keeping warm.

    Sally – yeah, it is a buzz. I’m sure it’s all crap at the moment though. Always is until I get editing.

    Amy – it’s true. Sand, sun and surf is a nice way to start the year.

    Margie – Lol! I know what you mean about distractions. Are you down south are you? South Island is so lovely…

    Natalie – nice to hear from you! Yeah, mums don’t get holidays per se, true enough. Well, after you mentioned LH&D at the conf to me I had to read it! 🙂 Fab. U. Lous. Nothing like a reunion story.

  10. Yes, Jackie-I’m in Blenheim and love it down here.
    Waving congratulations to Natalie for hitting the NY list!!! Thought you handled the national Radio interview brilliantly-especially that ‘bodice ripper’ bit!! Loved it!
    Jackie, no doubt with your success so far and your fantastic attitude, we’ll be hearing of your successes in the near future! ms

  11. Maya – thanks! I missed all my writing buddies I have to say. It’s nice to be back. 🙂

    Margie – Blenhiem is lovely. Lovely vineyards too. 😉 Thanks for the compliments. I’m hoping for a good response from Richmond but who knows? Got lots of back-ups anyway. 🙂 Good luck with yours – what are you writing?

  12. Lacey – cheers! We’ll see how it goes. Not counting on anything.

    Margie – hey, great re Desire and Presents. I’m a fan too. As to hearing, she reckons she’ll get onto it ASAP. So, I’m thinking four months. 😉

  13. Yay on the iphone working, addictive little things aren’t they?!

    As my daughter keeps telling me, the global warming ‘fails at life’. Of course, it must do otherwise we wouldn’t keep getting snowed on! So, yes, officially jealous of your sun and beach holiday.

    Yay on finishing story too, I must admit I got all inspired on holiday too. Which reminds me, must remember to try and have one this year 😉

  14. I’ve just read Lorraine’s comment and I’m in shock…I can’t take 20 or 30 years of this. Can we all move to Jackie’s family beach house, do you think?

    So glad you had a great holiday, Jackie. You deserve it.


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