I Swear….

Was really hoping I’d at least get some sort of verdict before the NV competition starts but, well, whaddya know, still no verdict. I have to say I’ve kind of given up on this story. It’s dragged on so long that I’ve already said goodbye to it in my mind. Oh, I’ll be gutted if I get another rejection on a partial (though personally, if I do, I’ll be really annoyed because I think the synopsis is the best I’ve ever done and there is a story worth looking at there) but maybe it will be for the best. I worked really hard on this, perhaps too hard. After so many rewrites and rejigs, perhaps the freshness is gone and it’s better to let it go.

On the up side, I have decided to give myself some goals with all the unfinished stories, with the aim of finishing them so I can try my hand at something a bit different. So, lovely blog friends, I hereby solemnly swear, upon my honour, to God and the Queen, that I will finish my soldier story by the end of September. I will also endeavour to have a polished partial and synopsis of IT Girl, just in case I get a request from the NV competition. Because yes, I am throwing caution to the winds and will be entering. If nothing else, it’ll at least feel like I’m doing something positive instead of just waiting around.

Okay, so those are my goals for this month and by putting them on the blog, I must achieve them or – sob – lose face. 😉

What goals do other people have for the new month? Other than world domination and/or selling your first book for millions?

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  1. Sound like excellent goals to me! I do hope you get a positive response on your book soon. I have everything crossed for you.

    My goal this September is to get my daughter and me settled back into school life. I’m doing a teaching assistant course which will take up a fair bit of my (writing) time. But I’m determined to get a few more short stories out there. My writing mission is to get a short story published in the UK having had two published in Australia.

    Hard, hard,hard,hard work!


  2. Well, right now I just heard via my heartbeat medical group (a section of RWA) that there was an earthquake in NZ. And I have no idea where in NZ you live! So now I’m worried and hoping you’re okay. I’m also hoping the quake didn’t do too much damage.

    As always, thinking of you and hoping you’ll get a revision request. Because that would CERTAINLY increase your passion for the story.

    My plans? Keep on writing.

    All my best to those affected by the earthquake.


  3. Julie – thanks so much! Love the sound of your goals. Very definitely achievable I’m thinking. Go the short story (and school)! Short stories are something I cannot write so my hat off to you.

    Amy – don’t worry, the earthquake was in the South Island, in a town called Christchurch, and I’m in the North Island in Auckland. So I’m miles away. Damage quite extensive, though it looks like there aren’t any casualties so far. Thank God.
    Thanks for the faith. What I’m really hoping for is a request for the full but I’m not hopeful. Fingers crossed for you!!

  4. Mega apologies, Jackie. Of COURSE it was a request for a full!(sorry, had you briefly mixed up with another online friend in perpetual waiting purgatory) Lately having trouble keeping up with all that’s going on in my life, much less everybody else’s.

    So *ahem* she tries again.

    Here’s hoping you get that well deserved request for the freakin’ full!

    Hope there are no casualties down in NZ!


  5. Hi,

    Glad to hear you’re feeling more upbeat about writing!

    Goals are a good way of kicking one’s own arse, that’s for sure.

    Like you I’m waiting a reply on a partial – have been promised a reply by 27th Sept. If it’s a GO great, if it’s a NO, well, bugger it, I’ll kick on with next project: historical, having already beaten a luscious modern hero into submission.

    Hope the earth quake didn’t give you a fright, but next time you’re out shopping stock up on flour/rice it’s going to be in short supply for the immediate foreseeable future due to failed crops worldwide.


  6. Blast,

    I meant to ask did Christina C (angels of romance) have any luck with Coco at M&B? I remember reading the first chap of that – thought it had great promise.

    But by God are the powers that be unpredictable, re what is considered in Vogue!


  7. Amy – Lol! Don’t worry about it. At this stage, I’d be happy for another revision on the partial though I’m not sure they’d give me another crack at it. But to actually want to see the freakin’ full would be good!
    (condolences to the friend. Perhaps we should set up the Waiting Purgatory club. Lol!)

    Francine – true re the arse! But no, quake wasn’t felt in Auckland. We’re hundreds of miles away. Good luck with your partial wait! I don’t know Christina so I wouldn’t know re her ms. Good luck to her though!

  8. Great goals, Jackie! Sounds like you have a plan.
    I’m at the top of theSouth Island, just over three hours away from Christchurch-no drama here but the quake woke the town up!
    Quietly working on requested patial from Medical Fast Track. Hope to sit on it for a week then send next week. ms

  9. Margie – that’s great news re the Medical fast track. You know Sue McKay? I think being in the SI must be good luck for medical authors. 🙂 Crossing fingers for you!
    And boy, that earthquake must have been huge if you guys felt it.

  10. Bummer – I thought you might’ve heard by now. If the ed’s passed it to someone else for another opinion, it sounds like that’s what the hold up is, right? Hope you hear soon – and that you get a request for the full!

    It’s positive that you’re moving on and focusing on some other goals. Nothing like a goal to keep you focused and NTAI 🙂

    My goals involve entering the NV and the RWAus High Five contests. Then working on a synopsis for the same story for a critique from an author that I was lucky enough to win at an auction. Then finish the first draft of the same ms. BTW, these are my goals up until the end of October, not just this month – I’m not that efficient!

    Glad you and you family weren’t affected by the earthquake.

  11. I’m glad you weren’t near the earthquake. Your goals all sound fantastic and I’ve got my fingers crossed for your full request.

    My goal is to survive 2010 and I think I’m doing a darn good job so far ;-).

  12. Angie – yeah, that will be the hold up. Yay re the NV comp and the High Five. I was thinking about the High Five too but I’ll see how I go. Great goals though. The crit sounds really good – go for it!

    Lacey – you don’t ask for much do you? Lol! But great to hear you’re still surviving! You’re obviously really good at it. 🙂

  13. Great goals Jackie. Looking forward to hearing/reading of you achieving them!!
    Glad Christchurch is a long way away from you. Glad no one there hurt either.

  14. Sleep, eat, drink, breathe and you’re good ;-).

    IT girl is your NV entry right? I’ve been training to take Dr Jax on for that iPad (NB: ready the video cam). I can’t see you NOT getting at least a request from the comp.

    Not long now!

  15. Bec – yeah, I’m glad too re Christchurch. It’s amazing not more people were hurt actually. Thanks re the goals. It’s given me back some of the motivation I’ve lost, let me tell you.

    Lacey – Lol! You’re doing really well in that case! I’m doing not too bad at those myself. 😉
    Yeah, IT Girl is my comp entry. Who knows what’ll happen with her. I really, really hope she gets a request but fate is so random sometimes. I do quite like the chapter at this stage, which is something. Though by Monday, I’ll probalby hate it. Don’t know when I’ll upload. Tempted to do it early so I don’t fiddle with it. 🙂 Man, I would so pay to see you beat Dr Jax to the iPad! Don’t think it’ll come to that though.

  16. Hey Jackie, Jackie, Jackie :). I’ve got that link in my comments for you and Angie Peters has asked an interesting question on her blog about the hero and heroine meeting on the first page for competition entries that I’d love your opinion on if you have time to skip over?

  17. Lacey, today I broke the record for number of days I haven’t died. I hope to break it again tomorrow.

    Jackie, the earthquake stuff was scary! Saw a news vid. Looked awful. V glad you were far FAR away.

    My goal? I want to nail my super sekrit projekt. So excited about it.

  18. Lacey – wow, that’s service! Sure thing, m’dear, will have a butcher’s now. 😉

    Maisey – LOl! You keep breaking that record, hon! Yeah, the earthquake was scary. But luckily no one died – amazing when you see the devastation. We don’t get them up in Auckland, only volcanoes. :-0
    I’m excited about your Super Sekrit project too!! You will SO nail it. 🙂

  19. I am on holidays now for two weeks, so it is the High Five and New Voices for me.

    Hang in there, Jackie. Just remember, the harder the climb to the summit the sweeter the victory when you get there.

    Glad to hear you are in Auckland. Must have been scary stuff for those in Christchurch.

  20. Fabulous goals Jackie – so wonderful to see you being so proactive and positiive 🙂

    My goals are to polish my entry and sub for NV, write a first chap for High Five and plod on with my ST attempt without drowning in self-doubt!


  21. If you don’t get a request for the full, Jackie, don’t forget you can still send that book elsewhere while working on another ms.

    Like Embrace, for instance!!

    In other words, a R there doesn’t have to be the end of the road for that story.


  22. Hey Jackie, just popped to your blog to check you were ok after the earthquake (my knowledge of NZ geography is terrible, sorry!!) Chuffed to hear that you’re gonna enter New Voices. Had a sneak peek of the website which is going up on Monday and it looks awesome… Lots of top tips, profiles of the judges and mentors (like moi), etc. I think it’s going to be a really great hub for all things romance for unpubbed authors and I’ve gotta admit I’m looking forward to reading as many of the entries as I can (particularly yours, madam, so no pressure then!!).

    Anyway, my goal for this year is to finish this b****y book before I start putting up Christmas decks. It’s due in a week and it’s a long way from done….

    H x

  23. Glad to hear you were far away from the earthquake, Jackie! Yayy on the goals for September and good luck with the NV contest!

  24. Oh, Jackie, hugs for the waiting. But, am v glad you’re safe.

    Ooodles of luck with the goals.
    My own (apart from trying to keep everything together day to day) are:

    1. To write my NV chapter.

    2. To write and sub the medical.

    Unfortunately there just aren’t enough hours in the day…


  25. Felicity – yay for High Five and NV! Can’t wait to read your chapter! Yes, can’t wait to get to that summit but it’s a loooooong way away.

    RAch – thanks lovie. Deciding on goals and things certainly makes me feel like I’m taking charge rather than just hanging around.
    No self doubt allowed. Your ST is fabulous! And so are your comp entries!

    Jane – that’s so true! Thanks for the reminder. Will see what the verdict is and if it’s an R, what the reasons are. Might just send that book out again if it’s for ‘not fitting the line’ reasons.

    Heidi – that’s lovely of you to think of me. No, we’re about 900 or so Ks from Christchurch so we’re all okay. But Natalie lives in Christchurch – luckily she and her little ones are fine.
    Wow, the website sounds awesome! But now I’m feeling the pressure. ARgh!!! Knowing you and everyone else reading my poor little chapter. Groan. 😉
    Good luck with finishing your b***** book!

    Maya – thanks! Yep, that Lacey sure knows what she’s talking about.

  26. Margie – I saw her in Aus and at RWNZ. She is so lovely. Totally deserving sale for her.
    I hope I hear about my sub this week too! But I’m not hopeful – those eds are going to be soooo busy.

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