Is Blogging Dead?

Lately I’ve been wondering what on earth to post on this blog. Which I guess partly explains my lack of posts (the other half has been mad edits/deadline stuff but I’m not going to talk about that). Before I sold, this blog was about my journey to publication, the heartache of rejection and the highs of having stuff requested.  But now I’ve had books published I’m kind of not on that journey anymore but a different one. This one doesn’t really have a particular goal, it’s just keeping on writing books, hoping my publishers will want the next one, hoping readers will like the next one, thinking about where to next etc, etc.

But I’m not sure that’s interesting to anyone but me. And that kind of update can be done on Twitter/FB rather than a blog post.

I kind of like blogging about craft but is that interesting to readers? What do readers like when it comes to writers blogs? What do people like when it comes to peoples blogs full stop? Do people even read blogs these days? Or is blogging dead?

I could blog about my angst when it comes to book releases – Talking Dirty with the CEO is out on Monday and I’m a HUGE neurotic ball about it – but then that risks the blog being an endless stream of author-promo and hey, who likes that??

If I had the cleverness and the brain power, I could do witty, informative posts about all sorts of clever, amusing subjects but I’m afraid I don’t have the energy or the wit these days. I can barely keep up with the blog posts on my blog tour let alone do posts on my own blog.

I guess I could just post pictures. But isn’t that what Pinterest is for? Or Tumblr?

Maybe I’ll think about it some more. What I AM going to do is a post about Talking Dirty when it launches. Because that book is special to me in so many ways. A prime example of the fact that a rejection is never a rejection if you let it be.

Anyway, anyone got any thoughts on blogs and what they like to read on them?


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