Jackie Ashenden and the Inbox of Doom

After nearly two weeks of waiting by the Inbox of Doom, nothing. I was kind of hoping not to post until I had news to relate but, sadly, I have no news to relate. No boulders falling from the sky. No snakes. No flaming arrows flying at my head. No jewels waiting on the head of a statue deep in the bowels of the temple…
Okay, enough Indiana Jonesing. I suppose the week isn’t over yet so I shouldn’t count my chickens but I’m still feeling like it won’t be this week. Time in editorland passes differently to time out here in unpublished authorland. And justifiably so. Editors have many published authors to deal with as well as sifting through the slush. I, on the other hand, only have one ms to think about and lots of time to do it in. Four months certainly gives you a perspective on what you’ve done and I’ve learned quite a lot in the past four months. I would not have written the partial now like I did back in January. However, the main thing about this sub is that I still think the conflict holds up. Certainly didn’t feel that way about my last submission. But my thoughts on the subject don’t count. It’s whether the ed feels the same that matters.

Anyway, until I hear there’s nothing much else to do but write, write, write. It IS the best way to forget about a sub. In the four months of my wait I’ve already polished up another ms, written the first draft of a second and written the first chapers of mss number 3 and 4. So I should have a nice tidy stack of mss ready to go by the time I hear back.

Guess this means that should there be an R destined for me, I won’t be giving up. Feel free to remind me of this the next time an R comes along…;-)

So, in the interests of NTAI, here’s a situation for you: One love scene. One heroine. One catsuit. Boots. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to get the heroine out of the catsuit without removing her boots. Discuss.

And when you’ve figured it out, let me know cos it’s doing my head in. πŸ˜‰

24 thoughts on “Jackie Ashenden and the Inbox of Doom”

  1. Ah, a big pair of scissors????

    Great post again, no surprise there. Finally getting back to normal now that the kids are back to school, thank the Lord!! Should be popping over to the Mavens a little later on.

    See you soon,

  2. Aideen!! Saints preserve me, it’s my Irish lass. πŸ˜‰


    Catsuit…a breakaway cat suit? She rented the cat suit, and it’s designed for exotic dancers to get out of it quickly and fluidly. πŸ™‚

  3. Enough crazy R talk! The wait is messing with your mind but I want ot remind you of how great your partial really IS.

    Ok – this is going to need some thought, but hows’s about there is a zip that runs down the side of the catsuit? Oh and the boots stay on because the cat suit is long enough to tuck into the boots (ie stops mid calf or something like that?) Right – um yeah, will need to think about it…

  4. That’s quite a puzzle – I’m assuming we don’t want to damage the catsuit?

    Am seconding Janette in urging a stop to the crazy R talk.

    I know waiting’s hard and there’s nothing I can say to make it easier. But sending hugs anyway.


  5. Could it be….

    an edible catsuit?

    a pheromone detecting catsuit that begins to disintegrate when the levels reach the desired hotspot?

    a catsuit with strategically placed zippers.

    a misleading catsuit: it gives the impression of being impregnable but at the crucial moment slides away without any difficulty whatsoever and as the reader is so swept away by the rising heat, the disappearance of the catsuit is inconsequential.

    a misleading catsuit 2: it gives the impression of being impregnable (giving the heroine a much needed sense of security… no, she won’t give in to him, no matter what). But the hero being who he is, puts his dexterity and all mighty acumen into play and voila… no more catsuit. Surely the reader doesn’t need a step by step explanation.

  6. I can’t see a way to get her out of it without huge rippage. And I’m not thinking you want your hero to stop what he’s doing to rip and tear with his teeth. Not good.

    Of course, she could just allow it to pool around her calves and get on with … whatever they’re doing? Maybe not tres romantique but perhaps she’s forgotten to put underwear on? Then the reader might forget about the catsuit around her legs? Or is that too Blaze?

  7. Aideen! It’s yourself! Nice to see you. Scissors? Sadly the hero doesn’t have a pair on him. πŸ˜‰

    Maisey – nice idea. Velcro huh? Hmmmm…

    Janette – Thanks lovie. I hope it’s just my mind playing tricks on me. It better be! Yes, that could work re the zip at the side. However, I forsee faffing with the legs to get them off without losing the boots. It’s a conundrum eh?

    Suzanne – The catsuit could be damaged I think. Maybe it’s thin and easily tearable?
    Thanks for the hugs and the faith re the R. Support of lovely blog friends helps immenseley. πŸ™‚

  8. Veronica – Hey there! Love your edible catsuit idea. But I think I’ll probably go with the misleading catsuit. Or even the magical, disappearing catsuit. I’m overthinking this yes? Lol!

    Maisey – painted on? Could do but she needs to be in public with it on and considering she’s a nervous type, I don’t think paint would be enough!

    Joanne – yes, it’s turning out to be a slow reveal. But catsuits don’t ‘pool’ alas. They kind of hang like shed skin. AKA not sexy. Yes, she’s wearing underwear. And yes, I am definitely overthinking this!

  9. Jackie, I see you have some insider knowledge on cat suits and how they pool, or don’t…maybe you and Dr. Jax could come up with something? Thought I think the stripper cat suit would work!

  10. Maisey – I don’t have insider knowledge alas. I’m just extrapolating what happens when something tight and stretchy comes off. Pooling requires silkiness and looseness I’m thinking. So if it pooled it would be a cat-dress not a cat-suit. And I’m sorry but she’s not wearing a cat-dress. πŸ˜‰
    Stipper cat-suit could work but I can’t get past the ripping sound of velcro! Lol!

  11. Jackie, I’m with Jo. Rip, rip, rip! Aside from the er, instant gratification, the sound it makes is also kinda…hawt!

    Hugs on the waiting, hon. I feel your pain.

  12. Francine – love it! Zips r go!

    Maya – torn eh? There could be something in that.:-) Thanks for the hugs. But I think you need some too – your wait has been way longer than mine. Right back at ya. πŸ™‚

  13. Hey if you hadn’t mentioned it you might have got away with fudging it but certainly not now!
    I love the new updated look BTW, I’ve been away too long, sorry!
    Hugs re the wait.

  14. Sorry to hear you haven’t heard anything yet Jackie, hopefully next week will be your week.
    As for the catsuit – it’s made of chocolate and you just eat your way out – easy!

  15. Lorraine – hey there, lovie! Nice to see you back! Yeah, I should never have mentioned it eh?? Lol!

    Susan – a chocolate catsuit! Now THAT’s cool! Yeah, it’s looking like next week for me. Argh!

  16. NO! No fudging on clothing removal. I will not say what book, by who, or what series, but there was a love scene roundly discussed by the crit group where the clothes sort of seemed to have…melted? Where were the clothes??? WHERE WERE THE CLOTHES??? (we wondered endlessly…)

    Slowly unzipping all the zippers…yum.

  17. Maisey – yes, I’m afraid I am a reader who wonders these type of things too. So as a writer, I can’t let myself off. I’m afraid it even annoys me when the condom just kind of disappears too!

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