More Angst

They didn’t get it. Can you believe it? After all that angst and dancing around, Anna at M&B never received it because their email was playing up on Wednesday! And to think I was concerned about sending another email because I didn’t want to bug her… Argh!!! In her words, ‘thank goodness you checked’!

Right, this is almost like a second chance. I have all weekend to do yet more editing and more changing if I want. And do you think I did? Nup. I send it again immediately. No more editing, no more fiddling. I hope it’s got there – won’t find out till Tuesday morning NZ time though.

So moral of the story is: if you don’t know whether they got your sub or not, always check.

Ah well, feel less jittery now though I won’t be totally happy until I get the confirmation from Anna that the ms got there okay. Then a whole new mountain range of angst will open up before me, vast vistas of nervousness….

To cope I’ve started a new story for Kate and Alex. They’re desperate for their HEA and have been nagging me for weeks now. 🙂

9 thoughts on “More Angst”

  1. I think you made the right decision in sending it again straight away – you’ve done all you can and I’m sure you’ve done a brilliant job.

    Great news that you’re working on a new story for Kate and Alex.


  2. Everything happens for a reason, perhaps this time when Anna does get it, her desk will be clear, she’ll have time on her hands and will devour your story in one sitting…and absolutely love it.
    And I so agree with double checking, isn’t is much better to be safe than sorry?
    Enjoy the new story, beginnings are the best.


  3. Yeah, I do too Suzanne. I think I would have got far too wound up and may have ended up changing things that didn’t need it.

    Aideen, I like your thinking! At the very least she’s aware that I’ve finished it and it’s on its way to her. And yes, better to double check. I just hate bugging them ’cause I know they’re so busy. Ahhhhh, I hope she loves it.

    Anyway, yep, I love beginnings too (which is why I have so many of them!). The real difficulty I’m facing is getting them NOT to immediately jump each other’s bones! 🙂

  4. Hey Jackie,

    Good you found out and sent it again. I think you made the right decision in sending it back again.

    Good luck with Kate and Alex’s story, this is the contest one that you’re reworking right?


  5. I had noticed you’d started Alex and Kate’s story again! Makes me want to rework The Who’s Who of Matt Mckinnell! I just adored him as a hero. Oh well… we’ll see!

  6. Rach, if you’ve got a hero you adore then you have to do it. I was very partial to Alex and even more now I’ve written the first chapter. Just worked up the synopsis and it’s turning out very different to what I thought though. He’s being very naughty!

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