More New Author Confessions

Being a writer is SUCH a funny/weird thing. Firstly you angst about your book when you send it to the publisher. Then after the joy of acceptance has worn off, there’s the angst about the revisions. About the cover. Then the copy edits. And then once you’ve finished angsting about that and you have your ARC copies, there’s the angst about people actually reading your work.

Obviously that people WILL read your book should come as no surprise. That’s why we write, yes? So that other people can read it. But after years and years of no one but family members and/or crit partners reading your stories, the time comes when COMPLETE STRANGERS get the chance to cast their eye over your scratchings. And even though you think you’ve prepared yourself for this moment, it’s actually bloody terrifying. Especially when you know that these strangers will also discuss your book with OTHER COMPLETE STRANGERS! People you don’t know will be having discussions about your book and the characters you’ve created and they will have opinions about them! ‘Scuse me while I go and be sick in the corner…

Finn on the iTunes store!!

Yeah, I’m neurotic, can’t you tell? Anyway what brought this on is the fact that Falling for Finn has been sent out for review and am feeling anxious about it. It’s also now on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and iTunes. And soon should be up on the Samhain website too.  It’s everywhere basically.

But that lovely period between acceptance and release date is drawing to a close. Those lovely months when only you and your editor know how brilliant (or otherwise) you are. Where you can tell yourself you have a masterpiece on your hands and can fantasise about what you’re going to buy with the millions of dollars in royalties that you’re going to get. Or write down your acceptance speech for when you win the Man Booker prize or get your Nobel medal. Yep, those days will be over soon and then everyone’s going to see behind the curtain and you’ll either be outed as a fraud or, worse, people will just shrug their shoulders and wonder what the fuss is about.

Of course there is the option that you’ll be hailed as the next Nora but let’s not mention that. 

Right, so,  despite the fact that I’m terrified of ya’ll reading it, it would be remiss of me NOT to point out that iTunes has a first chapter sample of Finn that you can download. I’m not sure how to link to this (and it’s not on the NZ iTunes bookshop – Grrrr!) but if you’re in the US (not sure about UK) and you’re keen to read the first chapter, then feel free…. 🙂