My RT Review for Talking Dirty With The CEO

I don’t really know the protocol for putting up reviews of one’s books up on one’s blog.  But I’m going to post my RT review for Talking Dirty because…well…it’s RT! And…*blushes modestly*…it was 4.5 stars!

Who knows what difference a review like this makes to readers? Certainly I know as a reader myself that even if a book gets a glowing review, if the blurb doesn’t interest me, I’m not going to buy it. If I get enough people telling me how awesome the book is, I may change my mind. But not often.

However, from an author perspective, we all like a good review (tiny understatement). And as this one is my very first review for this book, I won’t say I’m not over the moon (and back) about it.

So without further ado….here it is (why is it a photo? Because am too lazy to type it in) 😉


Photo 24-03-13 8 29 45 PM

2 thoughts on “My RT Review for Talking Dirty With The CEO”

  1. Woo hoo! Great review, Jackie. No wonder you are over the moon – and back – I would be too! Can’t wait to read it! Caroline x

    1. Thanks Caroline!! I’m totally rapt about it! Wish I could share the cover and blurb but sadly not yet. *pout*

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