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Jackie Ashenden
Living In Shadow

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Living In Shadow

A Forbidden Desires Novel 1

Sometimes you have to journey into the darkness to find the light…

Professor Eleanor May is hiding secrets beneath her prim exterior. After agreeing to take over teaching a class for a friend on sabbatical, Eleanor finds herself captivated by the gorgeous, intense student who always sits front and center. There’s something about him tempts her, but she knows touching him is forbidden.

Lucien North escaped a past filled with violence. He’s found a new life in New Zealand and new possibilities for the future. Seducing his beautiful professor doesn’t fit into that new life at all. But Eleanor is irresistible to Luc, and once he’s had a taste, he’s desperate for more.

Eleanor doesn’t just tolerate Luc’s inner darkness, she craves it. And together the two of them are combustible. But can they find hope in the shadows, or will they be lost in the pain of the past forever?

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