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Jackie Ashenden

Harlequin Presents

  • Coming Soon
    Her Vow To Be His Desert Queen

  • Wed For Their Royal Heir (Three Ruthless Kings #1)

  • The Maid The Greek Married

  • Stolen For My Spanish Scandal

  • A Diamond For My Forbidden Bride

  • The Innocent’s One Night Proposal

  • The Wedding Night They Never Had
  • The World's Most Notorious Greek
    The World’s Most Notorious Greek
  • The Italian's Final Redemption
    The Italian’s Final Redemption
  • The Most Powerful of Kings
    The Most Powerful of Kings
  • Promoted to His Princess
    Promoted to His Princess
  • The Spaniard's Wedding Revenge
    The Spaniard’s Wedding Revenge
  • Claiming His One Night Chld
    Claiming His One Night Child
  • Demanding His Hidden Heir
    Demanding His Hidden Heir