New Boots

One must never underestimate the value of retail therapy. To help me NTAI (see previous post), I went out today and got myself some new boots. With a heel. Now, I don’t normally wear heels. They hurt my feet and they make me feel overdressed. But now, as I edge closer towards the big four oh, I’ve decided to hell with that. I don’t want to be on my death bed thinking ‘man, I really wish I’d got myself some killer heels’. Hence the boots. They were also going to either be my ‘Woohoo I sold my book’ boots or my ‘Wah, they rejected my book’ boots. Sadly they are neither. Today they’re my NTAI boots.

Okay, I’ll stop wibbling about the boots. On more important matters such as writing, I have nearly finished Kate and Alex. Again I find myself charging towards the finish line, wrapping the whole thing up in seconds flat. I think it’ll take at least 5k to finish and then end up finishing in 1! What’s with that? I suspect it’s because I don’t like endings. The whole let-me-explain-why-I-acted -so-badly explanation thing is very tiresome to me. Plus I don’t like mush. I know, odd for a romance writer, but I can’t stand it when things get too syrupy. And inevitably, there’s always a certain amount of syrup required for an ending.

What about everyone else? Do you like endings? Or do you prefer buying boots? πŸ™‚

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  1. I find endings harder to write than conflict. I mean this is the point at which you have to satisfy the reader and leave her thinking she would buy another of your books so it’s a tall order…
    I try to counter the mush factor with humour but I don’t know whether I’m successful.

    I love a bit of retail therapy but am telling myself ‘I do not need new boots, I do not need new boots…”

  2. Oooh, I hadn’t even thought of the fact that you have to leave them thinking ‘yeah, I’ll buy another of her books’! God, is that stupid? Thanks for the reminder. And humour is a good call – though not at the expense of the emotion I guess.

    As for the new boots, well, everyone needs new boots… πŸ˜‰

  3. New boots, any day. πŸ™‚
    I actually have a gift certificate for DSW (a shoe store) that I got from hubby for Valentin’s day. Have been telling myself will splurge when I reach a milestone on my current WIP but it’s getting harder not spending it.

    Congrats on being almost done with ‘Kate and Alex’.Wow, you write like a super woman, Jackie. I keep dropping by your blog to see your word meters since usually they’re zooming. Inspires me to work harder and finish mine.

  4. Go get ’em, Sri! Splurge away. As to my meters, ah, shucks, I’m glad they provide you with a bit impetus! I get to do lots of writing though because this is my day job. For which I need to build a shrine to my husband for… πŸ™‚

  5. I’m not a great fan of writing endings either, or syrupy mush. But that ‘ahhhh’ of satisfaction factor is part of the romance, I guess. I’ve too heard that the opening sells that book and the ending sells the next one.

    Sadly the temperature here has just hit the 30s so not much call for boots. Sparkly sandals though, that’s a whole nuther thing.

  6. Endings are mucho hardo, I agree. I hate it when it feels like they’re just ‘explaining’ things away. I end up having them admitting they realised things about the other person…to help them each open up more. But dunno if that works or if I’m kidding myself.

    Regards retail therapy. I totally relate. But I think buying an emblem purchase is a good move. Helps take the mind off it, and you can secretly stroke and polish said item as you do your silent wishing for the call! I bought a cheapo surfer necklace and I’ve worn it every day since the crows came to caw. I touch it regularly, especially just after the mail man’s been and no news.
    P.S. my word verification today is very fitting to sub waiting…gotsyco! That’s me. Even blogger is telling me something…

  7. Lucy – yep, that aahhh factor is definitely the key. I just don’t do it very well sadly.
    And you’ll be in summer won’t you? Lucky thing! Nope you don’t need boots. Definitely go with the sandals.

    Judy – Gotscyo! Hahahaha! I think there’s someone out there having a laugh at those word verification things. As regards the purchase, well, definitely been stroking and admiring them to take my mind off it. Which sounds a little odd come to think of it. πŸ™‚

  8. I also don’t like mush – writing it makes me cringe so I’m probably aiming for the wrong job.

    On the other hand, your boots sound great.

  9. I should, shouldn’t I? Then again, everyone might hate them and think I have the worst taste in shoes ever…
    Then again, who cares what people think! After all, it’s only a pair of boots not the answer to world hunger. πŸ™‚ I shall find a piccie.

  10. Love boots. Not too fond of endings. And would love to see a picture as there is no such thing as a bad pair of boots. In celebration of your purchase I have been on ‘R.Soles’ website browsing…just browsing…I promise.

  11. Hmmmmm, I love writing endings. Often write them very early on in the draft. Then again I always read endings first in other peoples books too. I like decent length endings too. So do some readers (those who email me anyway!). Can’t shortchange people on the best bit of all… (well, I love the HEA anyway!!!!)

    Now as to boots – GOTTA love those πŸ™‚

  12. oh don’t go changing Jackie – its all about style isn’t it? And the uniqueness of us all, right? And what someone adores someone else might go ‘meuh’ and someone else might go ‘yuck’!!!!
    But so long as you have that ‘ahhhhhhh’ feeling for the reader at the end… pure satisfaction πŸ™‚

  13. True enough, Natalie. You know what? I’ve only written two endings to date so I’m actually not sure whether quicker is better for me or not. I think I’d better practise a few more just to be sure!

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