New Voices!

I have a short post over on the Sister’s blog about the New Voices competition. Think I actually may have talked myself out of it! Anyway, there’s cyber drinks for all those entering and hand holding if required. Hoo is buying the drinks and offering tentacles if you need something to squeeze while you hit that send button.

Meanwhile, I’ll just sit here and contemplate my chapter a while longer….sure is looking shiny….

10 thoughts on “New Voices!”

  1. I haven’t read your post of SSS yet, but I don’t need to read it to say this: ENTER THE BLOODY COMPETITION!!!!!

    N.B – Just looked at NZ on google earth and can see your chapter shining from space. Just sayin….

  2. Jackie. Jackie Jackie Jackie. Enter the comp, or Hoo gets it. And if you touch that perfect chaper one more time, I will chop off one if his tentacles and mail it to you. One little blue, knitted tentacle for every sentence you tweak. Is it worth it? IS IT?

    (Marco *may* have put me up to this…)

  3. Lol you guys!! I feel an attack of the coys coming on!
    Rachel – argh! Okay then!
    Joanne – I’m sure my chapter has a small black spot on it that no one else can see… 😉
    Cat – you’re lovely! Thank you!
    Maisey – That’s so cruel. My poor Hoo! Okay, okay, I will do it. Step away from the octopus.

  4. You gotta be in it to win it, chica. Repeat those words a dozen times, then press send!!!

    Hah, even the word verification is rooting for you. It says “sendit”. Nah, not really, but do it anyway!

  5. It’s scary! I’ll hide in the corner with you Jackie! You still have to send your chapter though. Me… not so much, mine’s not finished 🙂 ha!

  6. Haha! It means I’m trying to enter around everything else but I’d like it not to be embarressing so if I don’t get time to finish and edit it I’ll just have to sulk in the corner ;-).

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