News – Revisions R Us!

I had an email from Anna today! No, not a sale but I’m pretty sure I’m going to be asked to do a second round of revisions!! Why am I not sure? Well, the email was kind of an apology because she mistakenly sent me my ms when it should have gone to a colleague she was wanting a second opinion from. A second opinion so she could send me some revisions! At least, she mentioned that but then the rest of the email talked about ‘feedback’. Do you think ‘feedback’ is revisions? Or am I being an idiot and over-analysing??

Oh well, I’ll find out next week because apparently I’ll get my feedback by Tuesday. Argh!!

20 thoughts on “News – Revisions R Us!”

  1. Hey Jackie,

    I would think feedback means revisions, right? If it was a rejection, I don’t think she would have said feedback.

    Fingers crossed for you.

    Hang in there!!


  2. Maybe a tiny tweak simiar to Donna’s? Just been on ehar and then hopped straight over here!

    NEXT Tuesday, what are they thinking?! It’s ike the crueest menta torture ever. For me.

    Surey a second opinion means higher up the chain?! Oh I hate not knowing. Te Anna you have impatient boggees wanting to know the situation 🙂

  3. Sri, I think so! It’s just that I’ve heard people talk about receiving ‘feedback’ and they were given rejections. I did email her to clarify. She’ll probably think I’m an idiot!

    Joanne, I know, mental torture is right. Oh well, I do have a definite date now though. Except, i wonder, does she mean my Tuesday or her Tuesday??

  4. I know, Rach!! It’s my birthday on Friday so that’ll pass some of the time. And sadly I think I’ll be getting feedback on their Tuesday. Which is our Wednesday. Dammit. 🙂

  5. Jackie – sounds promising! Still crossing my fingers for you. Hey – did you say its your birthday this friday? Happy Birthday in advance – miny is the following friday (June 12th). Us Geminis are meant to make great writers!

  6. Hey Janette, nice pic! Sent you an email… Ha, another Gemini eh? Fantastic sign. Happy birthday to you too. Yep, writing is meant to be in the blood for us. 🙂

  7. Yay!





    Of course they’re sending you revisions OF COURSE they’re going to buy you’re book!!! Positive thinking girl!!

    WOO HOO!

  8. Oh, thanks Lacey! I just didn’t want to embarass myself with having to post a correction next week. I suppose I didn’t have to post about this at all until I was certain but…well…I couldn’t NOT!

  9. I would say that she is hoping to send revisions. It is going to depend on what her colleague says though. But she will send feedback and it will be detailed.

    Remember to breathe.

  10. Thanks Michelle. In that case I hope I haven’t gone off half-cocked with the ‘woohoo revisions’! Oh well, even if I have, and it’s a detailed rejection, I’ll have learned heaps. And I’ll have four more to send them. They won’t have heard the last of me. 🙂

  11. Maybe she wants confirmation she’s sending you the right revisions? Find it hard to believe she’d actually say she is going to be sending you revisions (which she did say as well as the feedback comment) if there was any doubt…

    Hopefully you’ll get clarification soon anyway.
    Either way you know they like you and as you say you have four more to send them – all of them written since EM with everything you’ve learnt since applied.

    Won’t long before I’m bragging about my NZ author friend 🙂

  12. Lorraine, hugs to you! Yes, I did email for clarification and maybe she’ll get back to me and maybe she won’t. Whatever, I’ll find out next week. In the meantime, this NZ wannabe-author is shouting chocolate martinis to everyone! Here’s to NTAI.

  13. Jackie. Couldn’t wait to come in here and see the news.
    Hang in there. Deep breathing. It’s bound to be revisions, bound to be. I’m still keeping everything pretzeled. jx

  14. It’s going to be a long wait ’till Tuesday – my nails will be history.

    Go and buy yourself some more NTAI boots and have a lovely, lovely birthday.

    It WILL be good news.

  15. As I said in my email earlier, I’m sure this is going to end with a sale party.

    And go all you Geminis! Mine is next week Wednesday. I’m expecting to celebrate it by popping a champagne cork for Jackie. (Local South African sparkling wine – we’ll leave the fancy French stuff for when the sale news is posted here).

  16. Thanks all you guys! Yeah, I hope it’s revisions too but hey, if not, I’ll just be wrong and you guys will have to send me lots of virtual chocolate.

    Yes Suzanne, more NTAI boots are what’s needed. If only Great Uncle Visa would stop yapping about needing to be fed. 🙂

    Happy birthday for next week too, Romy! Go Gemini!

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