No News is Good News

No news this morning. Honestly, after all my nervousness and drinking of chocolate martinis the night before… Anyway, I kind of thought something like this might happen so I’m not too worried. I’ve waited over 3 months now so I can wait another couple of days. If it is a couple of days. Actually I hope I hear back before the end of June though. Got a pitch session booked for the RWNZ conference and I was hoping not to need it…

No doubt all will become clear in the fullness of time. πŸ™‚

17 thoughts on “No News is Good News”

  1. Oh Jackie – I’ve been wondering all day…

    You’re right though – don’t worry, you will hear soon. And keep up with the NTAI (watched kettles and so on).

    Sending you a cyber chocolate martini.


  2. Thanks Suzanne! I need it this morning and damn the sun being over the yardarm. Yes, I will hear at some stage. Don’t know where… Don’t know when… πŸ˜‰

  3. Hey Jackie,

    Wish you all the best. I won’t have access to internet for the next 30 or so hours as I’m traveling, so I feel like I will miss a party with your good news.

    But, all the best.


  4. If there is good news, Sri (she says morosely). Thanks for the hugs, I need them today. You have a lovely trip to India eh? And good luck with the logline!

  5. Hi Jackie

    The last part of the rece is always the hardest, but once you cross the finish line, it will all be worth it.

    Here’s to NTAI for at least a minute or two today??


  6. Editorial decisions give new meaning to the term, “in the fullness of time,” Jackie. Just soldier on writing whatever else you are working on and don’t even think about stuff that’s out of the house.

    And, of course, enjoy those chocolate martinis!

  7. Many thanks, Anne! I should be doing editing at the moment but I’m ‘on leave’. At least until I’m in the right headspace! In the meantime you’re right, best not to think about stuff that’s out of the house.

  8. I agree with Anne. Editorial time is different to the rest of the planet!
    About the pitch session, if it is a M&B editor, I am sure they would be delighted to speak to you no matter the outcome. However, the editor you are currently working with will want to keep you as a possible addition to her stable…
    Fingers crossed.

  9. Lacey, here, have one of mine! πŸ˜‰

    Michelle, yes, it’s a different time stream altogether! πŸ™‚ I was half expecting this so I’m happy just waiting at the moment. Of course, ask me that a couple of months down the track! The pitch is actually an online one and from it they will apparently choose three mss to request fulls of. I could always ask the EA I’m in contact with and see if it’s appropriate – if I haven’t heard by July of course.

  10. Oooh the Sims? I think you should go out and treat yourself to the Sims 3 which will help you to NTAI.

    Then you can tell me what it is like because I hear it calling me to buy it!!

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