Patience is a Virtue

The above picture is the sound of silence. Both in my house just now and also from the mighty offices in Richmond. I was actually feeling quite good about the silence (in both places) for a while but it’s been 8 weeks since I sent in my chapter and synopsis and…well, getting a bit impatient now.

I know, I know. They’re inundated with NV subs and no doubt with all the SYTYCW subs too, not to mention being snowed in – literally – so it’s no wonder I haven’t heard really. And what with polishing up the Hammer Pants and my SYTYCW sub too, hearing about my other sub is not really what I want right now…

Oh, okay, I tell a lie. I DO want to hear about it. I want them to ask for the next two chapters please. The timing would be terrible but hey, I could manage it! Unless it’s a flat out R of course. But OTOH, at least I’d know.

So, how about it M&B? Can I find out before Xmas please? Pretty please?

……*more tumblweed rolls by*………


Aaaaanyway, I am having a lovely weekend of writing provided for me by the wonderful Dr Jax. He’s taking the kids out so I can polish up my subs and get them away next week before we head away for a few days up north (where I have NO internet. Sniff). Hence the lovely sound of silence in my house.

So, anyone else waiting right now? How long as it been for you?

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  1. Hi, I subbed a partial to Medical in first week of November. So to M&B, “If it’s a straight R, please tell me in January! So I can enjoy Christmas while anticipating. And if you want to see more, than you can let me know now, as I’m on tenterhooks!”

    Good Luck with yours Jackie, and Julia, go ahead! Send it in.

  2. Jackie, while we were living in Auckland, once we went up north all the way around to the top most point and came back the other way. I’ve got some fab pics of the point! BTW, I had a small shop(Hunter’s Dairy) on Kolmar Rd, Hunter’s corner end.

  3. Jackie I LOVE the tumbleweed photo and am going to steel it! It is so emotive!
    You know I heard last night, so am crawling into the revisions cave for the next two weeks….

  4. Good luck to everyone who has subbed and I hope you all find out the verdicts asap – there’s nothing worse than waiting!


  5. 30 weeks baby, that’s how long I’ve been waiting to hear back on Nicky & Robert’s story. But it is a full and it’s my first sub so to be honest, another 30 weeks probably wouldn’t cause me too much grief. I already know without being told what I could have done better but it is what it is and it’s out of my hands and that, quite simply, is that. I don’t do the checking-the-email-every five seconds thing, don’t ask why. I lack patience with just about everything else in life, so it’s strange that I can be so annoyingly calm while waiting to hear from an editor. I guess having a busy life takes up too much of my time!

    You’ll hear soon and I have everthing crossed for you here in Cork. Positive things, positive vibes.

  6. Lacey – yay! Have you got anything out there btw?

    Susan – oh yeah, steal away! Yep, good luck with those revs. You can do it lady!

    Julie – ain’t that the truth!

    Aideen – hey there m’dear! So nice to hear from you. I take inspiration from your wait, I have to say. And I am crossing everything for you too. πŸ™‚

  7. I was lucky to hear back on my sub after only 2 weeks of waiting on a partial (spoiled, moi?!). So there’s nothing out there until I get the full ready to send and … um … that’s not quite ready yet.

    Fingers crossed you hear before Christmas.

  8. Waiting? WAITING!? I’ve been waiting on my requested full into Blaze for 10 months!! I’m going to check in again just after New Years if I haven’t heard anything. If it’s an ‘R’ (and if it is, what the heck’s taking so long), I just want to get something else in the queue. At least I’m epublishing while I wait, but…I’d rather be working on HQ revisions right now… Hang tight, Jackie!

  9. Thirty weeks! Aideen’s a trooper. It teaches us patience if nothing else lol.

    I’m about to put a couple of things out there including NV entry πŸ™‚ Which means I can kiss my nails goodbye.

  10. Kaily – argh, you get the prize! 10 months is a looong time. I can’t complain eh? Definitely check in after NY.

    Lacey – excellent news. Yay for your NV entry which I thought was fab. Let me know when you send it away eh?

  11. Aw thanks πŸ™‚

    Kerrin is also entering SYTYCW and we’re debating the formatting of the synopsis, as in how many pages and single or double spaced. What say you?

  12. Lacey – urgh, synopses… Well, I’m doing two pages, single spaced and that’s the requirement for the London offices. It’s pretty much what I’ve done for all my previous subs. Does that help?

  13. Yes urgh to the synopsis! See I always do the two page single spaced format too! Then, in the wording of the final challenge it says that the ideal synopsis is 5-7 pages and Dee suggested on a forum that it was really the two page synopsis double spaced. I vote for universal synopsis formatting lol!

  14. Lacey – I vote for that too! I think it depends entirely on the editor and the line. But I’m going for two, single spaced pages.

    Julia – yeah, so true. Only thing worse than having to do a short synopsis is having to do a long one. πŸ™‚

    Suzanne – yay for you! Fingers crossed!

  15. I echo all the GOOD LUCK with the patience comments! I’m over 4 months now, waiting on a requested revised partial …

    OTOH, she says, blowing casually on her nails … in my capacity as editor at Embrace Books, I got a requested revised full ms back from an author about a week ago, and today — sent her a contract!

    Details to be announced soon. (I just love that part, being able to say YES!!)

    So some of us are not being hampered by this cold weather, lol …

    Good luck with yours. Jx

  16. Jackie i got mine down tp two pages single spaced, but it looked so cramped that i changed it to double spacing!
    But then i realised that it looked so cramped because i’ve just changed the font to Times 12 point. where as my documents – on a Mac – automatically start on Helveltica – a larger font!
    Good luck everyone with their subs xx

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